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    Rancor is up on

    No driving around, no disappointment when the scalpers got there before you here it is the new Rancor with Felucian rider.

    Personally, I'm passing on this one for now, but it might help someone.

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    Okay, I lied (to myself when I said I wasn't going to get one of these.) It came in today and it is huge and it is sweet. Well worth tracking down.

    You could even spray paint the whole thing brown and send me the figure it comes with if you just want the ROTJ version.

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    saw it at the target in kannapolis nc today. wow. looks like it would glow under a black light. really can not afford the 39.99 price... definately worth it though. made my first trip to tru in over 3 months. they still have tons of the same exclusives they were pushing 6 months ago. love the galactic hero ani from e1 by the way. i'm not going to mention the j word guy...he's cool too.


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