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    List Everything You've Collected

    Here's what I bought:

    Star Wars:

    - Hasbro 3 3/4"
    - 12" Hasbro and then SideShow - cherrypicked, not collected per se
    - 7" Unleashed
    - Galactic Heroes
    - Cartoon Network Clone Wars 3 3/4"
    - Jedi Force
    - Force Battlers
    - Star Wars Buddies - cherrypicked

    Star Trek:

    - Playmates 5 3/4" all-plastic figures / playsets / vehicles
    - ArtAsylum 7" figures / playsets: Ent, TOS, Movies, TNG movies, DS9
    - ArtAsylum ships: NX, 1701-A, 1701-E


    -McFarlane 7" and the helicopter crash vehicle/diorama from T3


    - Alternators - cherrypicked
    - MasterPieces - cherrypicked
    - Movie Toys - cherrypicked

    I don't have nor desire other toylines. If I did not have one of the larger collections, I might do some kind of real-world military line, but it'd probably be dependent on me collecting none of the above.
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    Star Wars 3 3/4 line
    TV Guides....(yes I was a Frank Costanza for a few years)
    Nintendo Games
    Spider-man Comics
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    Action Figures, Comics, Sports Cards, Video Games, Record Albums, Movies in various formats....... I think that's it. Sadly cash money isn't on the list.

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    Oh, I wasn't thinking about non-toys when I posted my list.

    I also have:

    Star Wars novels
    Star Wars comics
    TV on DVD (only a handful of shows, especially all Star Trek)

    But I intended the thread to be mainly about toys and the types you collect.
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    Star Wars:

    3.75 Figures, Vehicles
    12" Hasbro, Sideshow
    Sideshow Premium
    Action Fleet, Titanium
    Unleashed (large size)

    Star Trek:

    3.75 Figures, Vehicles
    12" Figures, 9" Figures
    Playmates, Art Asylum Ships
    Johnny L, Furuta, Corgi Ships

    GI Joe:

    12" Figures, Vehicles
    3.75 Figures, Vehicles

    Ultimate Soldier:

    12" or 1/6 Scale Vehicles
    3.75 or 1:18 Figures, Vehicles, Airplanes
    1:32 Vehicles

    Lord of the Rings:
    6" Figures, Beasts

    Marvel 12" and 9" some 3.75

    Johnny Lightning: Cars, tanks, military, movie, sci-fi
    Old Matchbox
    Hotwheels (not anymore)

    Other than toys I collect electric guitars and musical equipment though have sold off the stuff I don't actually play anymore:
    Roland, Yamaha Synthesizers
    Various floor and rack mount effects units

    Old Silver Age DC Adventure Comics, w/ Legion of Superheroes

    Military and Boy Scout memorabilia, hats, coats, pins, books, camping equipment.

    Used to have a small collection of cars but now I only have a 1974 Mustang II Fastback that is in good restorable shape.

    I'm sure there is more odds and ends as well as toys I started collecting, but lost interest in, or only bought a few like the recent Indy stuff.

    Oh yeah and I collect dust too, whether I like it or not.
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    Too much to list.

    1. Star Wars toys (basically every line considered non-vintage or "modern" and those that are considered fast food premiums)
    2. Video Games
    3. TMNT toys (mostly those from original toy line based on the early 90s cartoon and the 3 live-action movies)
    4. TMNT comics (Mostly the Archie Comic collection)
    5. Power Ranger TV episodes (taped from TV onto VHS since Disney refuses to do DVD season sets in the US)
    6. Power Ranger comics (All the Hamilton Comic collection and a good majority of the Marvel Comic collection)
    7. Power Ranger Spin Fighters (I think I have all but one listed on their checklist, though I think it is questionable if that one even exists since they were sold in non-random sets of two and I have no others missing)
    8. Power Ranger toys (mostly the early season stuff, though I still go out of the way for the fast food premium toys they occasionally do)
    9. Power Ranger Season 1 & 2 trading cards & Merlin sticker booklets
    10. Power Ranger Movie trading cards
    11. Pogs (too many "generics" to list them all, though I do have an entire Hardees Apollo 13 movie pog set w/ both slammers & the completed three-part Apollo 13 rocket pog container)
    12. Jurassic Park cards
    13. Animal Crossing e-Reader cards
    14. Baseball cards (in general, no real specific line so to speak)

    Thats about all the big stuff I can think of at the moment.
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    Dude, you've got to be kidding.
    That's my jacket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post

    Dude, you've got to be kidding.
    I agree, I have no idea of what I have collected. Do dirty magazines count?

    Star Wars:

    3 3/4 inch figures
    12 inch figures
    trading cards
    gentle giant busts
    Pez dispensers
    Unleashed line except the small not well painted stuff
    Galactic Heroes
    Promo stuff


    McFarlane figures Chicago teams minus White Sox

    More as I collect my thoughts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jargo View Post
    stuff and stuff.
    What he said...
    Move along, move along


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