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    Tim Russert Dead at 58

    Very shocking and very sad.....58, not that young.

    RIP Tim.
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    I found this really shocking, especially since he died at work. He was one of those people who really made news interesting without making it fluff (I'm lookin' at you, Katie Couric), and dug at the truth pretty well. He came off as a straight-shooter in a time when so few are. But he was often bright red while doing so, it's not that surprising that his heart gave out. At this age though, it seemed too early.
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    This was a huge shock. Like JT said, he was one of the few people left in the business who still seemed credible and had that "gravitas" that is so lacking in most TV journalists today.
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    I never watched him too much, but I always enjoyed seeing him when I did.
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    Yes, I heard this on my short drive home from work today. I usually hear the first couple minutes of Hannity's second hour, and he started off by mentioning it. He seemed like a really decent guy. Gone too soon.

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    What a loss.

    Russert's professed political views (as cited in his books) were different than mine on a lot of issues, however, I respected him immensely for his even-handed reporting. He always came off to me as "everyman"; anyone could relate to him.

    I became a fan during the W/Gore election when he explained the needed electoral votes using the now-famous chalkboard (which is in the Smithsonian, BTW).

    A wonderful journalist: he will be missed.
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    Regardless of what I think of him, it was quite a shock. I saw someone elude to it i the comments section on another site, so I checked to see if his wikipedia page reflected it and sure enough it did (making it TOTALLY official).

    However inappropriate, his wikipedia page had been edited by a...non-fan and mentioned that perhaps Russert was around 58 years too long while at the same time calling into question his sexuality. God bless democracy!
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    I thought Russert did an excellent job with his interviews.

    I paid attention when I saw him on the tube.
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    I've faithfully watched Meet the Press for about two years now and sporatically before that.

    His hard nosed but fair questioning of political figures was awesome to watch.

    He made every one of them squrim at some point during the interview.

    He didn't make his personal view known openly and I liked him for that.

    He treated Dems and Reps the same.

    I have yet to buy either of his two books, I may do so now.

    I'm very curious with what NBC plans to do this Sunday.

    I'm hoping for the show to start as a memorial then actually show the show that was recorded, then end with a final tribute.

    Russert was named Father of the year more than once.

    There's so many more accolades that could be bestowed upon him.

    I know I'll miss him on Meet the Press. Those are some BIG shoes to fill.

    God Bless you Tim and thanks!
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    Russert was an icon here in Buffalo; his most famous son. Judging by the tributes that poured in, from every major network, it shows that he was an icon around the country too.

    Tim never forget his roots. He wore his Irish Catholic roots on his sleeve and his fondness for his father who worked two jobs to support his family and allowed his son to go to college and his son who was inheriting this brave new world.

    One common theme that has emerged from the tributes is that aside from the tough questioning that he dished out on Sunday mornings, he was a fair and compassionate man. Fair in the sense that even though he worked for the Cuomo and Monyihan administration in NY, he went after both sides of the aisle just as hard. Compassionate so that after the interview he stayed to chat about the guest's family and personal life. He will be missed.
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