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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Flag day is the celebration of the adoption of a symbol, doesn't that seem a little convoluted?
    When that symbol means as much as the American flag does I find that not to be convoluted.

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    I think Armed Forces Day is way undervalued. Instead of wishing ACTIVE SERVING MILITARY PERSONNEL a thank you/happy day/thinking of you, we convolute it with VETRANS Day, those who have already done their service and are out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pbarnard View Post
    I think Armed Forces Day is way undervalued.
    And I feel bad that that's the one I can't seem to recall when it happens each year. I rely on the calendar telling me, and I put out the flag and talk about it, until I forget its date once again. That's sad on my part. May 15th, I shall honor you more than just an Ides of... date!
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    What, no love for St. Swithin's Day?
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    No holidays in my birth month of August.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DQ
    No holidays in my birth month of August.
    I'm an August kid as well (end of the month), one historical event that took place that I always remember is the bombing of Hiroshima (which my dad was one year old on the day that event happened).

    Does anybody know when is St. Hubbins day again? St. Hubbins ie. the patron saint of quality footwear.

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    I thought that was St. Birkenstock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    I thought that was St. Birkenstock.
    Its from This Is Spinal Tap.

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    Labor Day is doubtfully a "lesser-appreciated" holiday since many people know when it is, but maybe its BBQ and party aspects aren't really as thankful for the laborers for whom the day is intended. It used to be the "unofficial end" to summer, as the local news mentioned, but with school FOUR WEEKS IN ALREADY, I wonder if it'll become a lesser holiday in time. My flag's out, too.

    Thanks, labor people! And thanks for employers letting us still labor!
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    Happy United Nations Day to all people in nations today!
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