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    Epic Collections sets 4, 5, and 6

    I finally have the Epic Collections sets 4, 5, and 6 after only searching for them for about a year and a half. Well, I still need a set of them loose but it's great to need only one set now rather than 2. I took pictures of them so if you want to see them check out the link below:

    Epic Collections IV, V, and VI

    R2: Feel free to use the images if you'd like.


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    Please! Please, where did you get them??????? I need the Dark Apprentice set to complete my collection. If you bought them from a online store please let me know how much. You are so lucky. I've been looking for this set for going on 4 years.

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    see those sets on ebay all the time

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    Boss Nass: I don't think you see these on ebay all the time. You may see sets 1-3, but not 4-6. I've been searching ebay daily for them for well over a year. They were listed only 3 times that I've ever seen.

    Jangu: I got them off of ebay. The seller had just one set, I wanted a second one each of for myself to open. If he did have more I would have posted the info here as soon as I found out more were available. I got all six sets for 66.90 with shipping. The seller had all six listed on ebay with minimuns of 5.99-6.99, but no buy now prices. I got lucky and saw them very soon after they were listed. I e-mailed the seller with an offer of 10.00 each for them hoping he'd take it or hit me with a counter offer. Fortunately for me he was online and got my e-mail quickly. He gladly accepted my offer and canceled all 6 auctions and sold them to me for the 10.00 each plus shipping. I didn't need the first 3 sets, but if I figured it would help me if I offered to take them all. 22.30 for each of the 3 sets I wanted isn't bad. I would have had to pay quite a bit more if he didn't want to cancel the auctions and I also would have had to wait about 7 days longer to get them. I hate 7 day auctions.


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    Thumbs up congrats on your marvelous, inspiring VicTory, s43 :D

    glad your intrepid strategy paid off, the prophets smiled on you others might whine that your tactic precluded their gettin a chance at em, but i couldn't care less about that: them sets got into the hands of a true collector as cheap as possible, that's what matters

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    I'm glad it worked out to. Us MM collectors gadda do what we gadda do to get what we need. I had to give that a try. If it didn't work I was already prepared to throw max bids of 200.00 down on each and hope to get them. I didn't post anything about it until I had them in my hands, the last thing I wanted was 50 people e-mailing the seller to see if he had more. He doesn't, so there's no need to ask him again. There's no need for him to know what he had, he feels good with what he got for them and I feel good for having them. He has an online toystore ( so I was kind of surprised that he apparently had no idea how rare they are.

    Hopefully everyone else who needs them gets them soon.


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    Thumbs up excellent!

    that is some of the best micro machines news i have heard in a long time!

    as far as the seller was concerned, these were toys and he felt happy with getting $10.00 apiece for em!

    great work shinky!

    if i recall correctly, jt needs one of the 1st three sets (i forgot which one, awhile back he had posted in a near delierium early morning fog that he needed only two of em, he misposted which two, and i had picked him up the ones he had posted and sent them off before he posted his retraction , you might wanna offer him the one he's missing)

    great work!
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    GSJ: The wierd part about the whole thing is that I came across them about 10 miutes after the last e-mail I sent where we were discussing the later Epics. After sending the message I figured I'd quickly check ebay and see if anything I wanted was ending soon or just listed. I notcied 6 Epic Collections auctions all with the same title. I almost didn't check, but I figured I might as well check the auctions just in case it was all 6. I really figured it was 2 of each of the sets 1-3, to my surprise it was all 6. If he included the set numbers in the title I'm sure they would have been above 10.00 each in the 30 minutes it took him to end the auctions.

    JT: Let me know which of the first 3 you need and you can have it.


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    Cool find Shina on such rare items. Those sets are almost like the Holy Grail for some of us collectors. I think I'll find the Lindbergh baby alive first rather than those darn Epic Collection sets (and he's been dead 70 years!)
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    JT needed one of EPIC sets 1-3?

    ...well why dincha say so before?

    I picked up a spare set of these just in case, so now I have 2 lots of unopened 1-3s. I could've sent them on.

    LMK if I can be of any help, and no sarcy comments about waiting



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