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    Cool Happy Birthday Kidhuman!

    Happy Birthday, KH!
    I hope your day is especially special!

    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    ahh, looks like he MUST HAVE a pretty rockin day, I will blaze one for ya

    I will dig out that damn holiday special today and put it in the hopper
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Is it that time already???!!! Happy birthday, punk! Hope you have a good one, man. As always...
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    Happy remembrance of the day of your birth, Skawty. I'll attempt to pee over the shower rod in honor of the day this evening
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Happy Birthday my good friend...

    Drink a 6er of some Woodchuck in honor of your special day, I know I will.
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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    Thanks fellas. Appreciate it.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    And one of these years, you'll be listed as "YoungAdultHuman" before you know it!
    Too late; I already copyrighted these parodies: Rogue Juan, Rogue Won, Rogue Huan, Rogue Wan, Rogue Obi-Wan, Rouge One, Rogue Wand.

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    Happy Birthday to a member who proves that no matter how silly and humiliating it might sound to the common man on playing with kids' toys over the age of 30 . . . actually there is no final thought to that, it's just plain embarrassing.

    "The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is. But this I am sure of - do their duty the Jedi will." --Yoda from Attack of the Clones.

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    Happy birthday, you magnificent bastard. [insert pooping-in-shower joke here]
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    Happy Birthday KH!!!


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