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    TIE Fighter (Pirate Version)

    Another one? Really? I'm not sure about this one, but it makes sense with the new Biggs, I guess.
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    No matter how they paraphrase it, Darklighter is still one of the worst Star Wars comics ever published and deserves no figures.
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    I've never read this series. I hope that the Rebels weren't trying to draw attention to themselves as that gigantic insignia on the wings just isn't gonna help them much. LOL
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    Looks terrible.
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    While I think a TIE fighter varient with an astromech socket would be interesting, I DONT like the whole Rebel symbol painted on the SOLAR PANELS thing.

    That's just stupid.

    And I don't see where the droids are supposed to hook up to.

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    If it has the astromech and the hyperdrive unit I'm all over it. If it's just a repaint then I'll probably pass.

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    Looks gimicky. Already have 3 different large wing TIEs.
    Easy pass
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    Well, I've got all 3 big wing fighters. I don't need this one, so it'll be a pass for me too.
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    No interest in this at all.

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    I just want the figure, no interest in the vehicle itself.
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