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    New Clone Wars vehicles for Hasbro to make.

    And an AAT repaint.
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    I saw this on the official site last Friday. I'd love to see several of these made.

    Most notably the Clone shuttle. It's a great cross between the Imperial shuttle and the Gunship.

    The funky bulky b-wing like ship would be intersting. It reminds me of a lopsided shark as well. I'm not into Jedi Starfighter repaints.

    Meh about the walking cannon. I'd get one for the heck of it, but not excited about it. I'd actually buy that tank repaint. and there was a similar STAP repaint that I'd buy as well.

    Most of those would be $20 ships too. The clone shuttle I'd see for $40 and the b-wing-like ship maybe $30. Not too bad, IMO.
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    Wow. I like all of them. The Jedi Starfighter looks like Anakin's Clone Wars Fighter, with the droid in the middle, minus the wing fins. I could be wrong though. It's the least interesting one for obvious reasons.
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    they all look to be designed with merchandising in mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jargo View Post
    they all look to be designed with merchandising in mind.
    Yeah, I do have to agree with you on that point. Though I still want the two I mentioned.
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    I think Hasbro said they were doing the new Jedi Starfighter. Personally, I don't like it much at all, the boxy midsection and the central droid just look odd.

    Hasbro shot down the idea of that B-wing-style shuttle, said it was too big. LEGO's making one.

    That gunship-Lambda-type thing is cool, but seems a little outsized for a starfighter-class toy ($20), maybe if it holds troops in the interior it'd be worth a try, but I think the midsection looks a little small for that.

    That walking gun looks so not Star Wars, I would NOT buy that thing, it looks as boring as it gets.
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    The B-wing-like ship I would think would be a risk for Hasbro. It's to unique and hasn't yet earned a spot of recognition to garner a toy being made of it.

    That cannon is meh to me. I said I'd get one. In fact I might get a couple to custom as Republic Destroyer guns (as seen in the one scene in ROTS).

    I'm hoping for the shuttle/gunship. I think that's definitely not a $20 toy. I'd put it in the $40 range, especially if it's able to hold more than just two pilots, with the hold opening up to fit more troops in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    The "B-wing ship" is called the Twilight.

    I doubt we'll see any of those apart from 97 repaints of that Jedi starfighter.
    I think that might depend on how successful the Clone Wars series is. If it is a huge hit, it also will be keeping the fan's attention as a weekly series. The kids are going to want those toys, and want them now.

    Here's too hoping Lucas and Hasbro make an obscene amount of money and prove all the OTC-only-nay-sayers wrong.

    Though I don't think I want more slightly different Jedi Starfighters either.

    btw: thanks for the avatar
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    I'm still hoping for the TX-130 tank. LEGO is making one and it seems like it may be in the show (not necessarily in the movie though). If that's the case, then Hasbro should follow suit and make it as they usually run neck and neck (or just a few months apart) with LEGO SW vehicles.
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