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    Question How many miles do you drive from home, to work and back home on an average day?

    Since I've always been a bit "petrol stingy", I try to walk as much as possible since I live in an area where everything is pretty accessible by foot. When I drive, I try to make my route as sensible as possible.

    I leave the house at 5:30 each morning, head for the gym and from there, I sometimes stop at the supermarket across the street. I head to work and then back home at 5pm. My roundtrip each day is 35 miles/56km. I used to have to drive all the way across town and that was a roundtrip of 56 miles/90km each day! Ridiculous!!!!
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    I work from my apartment, so I only need to drive somewhere when it's time to buy new supplies. While it saves me a ton of money on gas, I really would rather have an office somewhere. It's really difficult to keep your work and home life separate when you work out of your home.
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    Well I ride in with my fiancee. It's 8.5 miles to my work. From there she drives another 9.5 miles to her work. So 18 miles each way, for the total of 36 per day.

    On days that we do a toy run, add an additional 4 miles. I've got that one down to a science so that we do a tight loop and don't backtrack at all.

    Beyond this we do not drive all that much anymore. If we need to shop on the weekends, it's the the same shopping area that the toy run is in, so we kill two birds with one stone that ay as well.

    I'm loathing the idea of going up to her brother's for the 4th. It's going to cost us $100 roundtrip for gas! He better grill up some mean burgers and hot dogs! heh heh.
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    My commute is 10 miles each way. The kicker is, I work a graveyard shift (for 14 years and counting) and there's no hope of carpooling given my hours and location in town.

    Errands on my days off are consolidated or put off until there's a good reason to go out and about.
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    I probably have the longest travel distance to work. I drive 65 miles one way so 130 miles a day.

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    Man, that's a gigantic commute-- and carbon footprint! I hope you have a sensible vehicle and not something like an SUV. YEESH!!!
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    no SUV I am going to use my current car for the next year but I am going to save for a hybrid next year.

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    I have been extremely lucky, in that I am exactly five miles from the school, so it's ten round trip. I've had my car for just over three years, and I hit 17,000 miles about three months ago. Having no life outside of work has been beneficial in these high costs of living days.
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    I drive maybe 5 minutes each way, costing me ~$15 every two weeks in gas. What I save is used up three fold by Mrs. Solo who commutes about 50 miles each way four days a week.
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    3.1 miles each way for me to work which is nice...
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