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    AOTC Yoda Figure....

    By now we've all probably seen the AOTC Yoda figure,do you guys/gals like the new Yoda figure?

    I'm alittle disappointed that he still has no seperate legs like the vintage one,but does have waist articulation which I believe is a first for a Yoda Figure at least its something

    Whats the brown/gold thing Yoda is on,is it the same thing Dooku uses to catch Obi Wan?

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    Well he looks younger than he did in E1 but they're probably still working on it.
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    I think it looks alright. I still think the E1 Yoda looks tons better then the one that was pictured at Toy Fair. But knowing Hasbro that was no doubt a prototype. I think he's on some sort of pillar in the hanger where Dooku's ship is stored. It also looks like it shoots him off like a missle. I don't like that feature at all, but atleast they didnt make him magnetic so he lands attached to Doooku's back.

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    LOL JarJar. I think it's good that he looks younger than E1 and he looks like he does in the Classics too. The E1 Yoda (in the movie) was just plain ugly. He looked older than in ROTJ. Crap, he didn't even look like Yoda!

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    It's horrible looking, though I'll probably end up buying it.

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    I don't like the figure. I am disappointed with it. He looks like he is ready to part the Red Sea for all of Moses' followers. I am assuming the stick thing it is holding will actually be his lightsaber when it's released? Maybe I will change my mind after seeing the film. Perhaps he is actually doing something like moving objects around to **** off the Count.
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    I think it's ok looking. I'm more than sure I'll buy it being that I'm a fan of Yoda.

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    This is one of the worst figures in this new line. I can't believe they even got the skin colour wrong! It's too dark, for heaven's sakes! Those eyes are wacky and he looks like a p***ed off little frog creature. This is NOT Yoda!! I'm sorry... but this will just not do.
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    I think it looks horrible. They need to work on him, and where's his lightsaber? I was really looking forward to seeing it, but nothing?
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    Hmmm...He looks like Darth Yoda instead of Jedi Master Yoda.
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