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    Adventure Heroes Sallah & Mummy Review


    What a couple weeks. I've been a bit busy and appologize for not getting this posted sooner. I normally try and sneak in some time to type review up on my lunch hour, but not lately.

    Any way, this week I'm taking a look at the Adventure Heroes Sallah & Mummy. These guys are cute in the package, but how about out?

    Check out the review here:


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    Great review as always Engineernerd.

    I had the same problem with the feet on my mummy, and couldn't get him to stand up. But a quick dunk in (almost) boiling water soon sorted him, and he's now got both feet firmly on the ground.
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.


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