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    Star Trek ? You should know better than that dude !J/K
    Get over here Leia , and stop making out with your brother !

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    As you are aware, my collection of ST mms may be on the rise


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    Exclamation jt: whaddya mean one of Almost everything???

    it was my intent to clean you out of All yer dupes, you duplicitous hider-of-things-from-me after all, given a choice between quantity & VarieTy, who Wouldn't choose the latter? meanwhile, since you brought it up: hey jt, do you have an extra nose?
    jdah: actually i Didn't know you were interested in getting more stmms. unless you've got some sweet source you haven't mentioned to me, considering how late in the game you're getting on board, you have my sympathies
    speaking of sympathies, anyone so inclined may express same to jdah re this. personally, my vulcan training precludes such sentiments, so count me out
    sk: i know a canadian collector who goes by the handle of ncc-2000 on ebay, between b'jr & whom i've arranged numerous excelsior trades, including an nx i personally owned (beofre i decided i didn't give a damn about such a minor, non-aesthetic-affecting VarianT). he has at least 3 nxs that i know, but i couldn't say whether he'd be interested in parting with it. i'll bring this thred to his attention
    sov: emailed to you my name & (that of a coupla fellow stmm collectors) for your petition
    btw, have y'all seen in the new 5" captyacht in the latest stfanclub catalog-wrapped-in-a-fanzine (as jt's rightly christened it)? damn, this thing's detail's Way more meticulous & accurate than our coVeTed playmates pseudo-mm! Damn! why couldn't this damn thing've been 2 1/2" long, and only cost $2, like any other mm?
    np: b52's, "song for a new generation" ("wanna Beeee, captain of the enterprise; wanna Beeee, king of the SULUs" )
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    Thumbs down ep 1 set XII and XIII update

    Originally posted by britcit3
    did he bag 12 & 13 for you and if so do you still need 11 (the Rep Cruiser set)?
    he's telling me fer the moment he may want to keep those sets, but if he dicides to part with em, he'll send em my way, so fer the moment i got's nuthin'

    he also indicated that he paid quite a bit o' scratch fer em, so's i'm 'summin' he got em from a snaggletooth type

    anyway, i sent him some of your possible best huntin' grounds fer em o're in merry ol'e england, so maybe he'll stumble upon a secret cache!

    np: buddy holly and the crickets - maybe baby
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    Hi VT,

    Yeah, I know I know I know but what can ya do? You know, if there were AF ST then I'd be after them. As it is, I've got the AF-scale set minus a couple (I got a Ferengi Marauder, Ent-alphabet, Maquis and Cardy yellow stingray) what ever ones they are -K-Bop and Rom-Bop?

    I'm not mad to collect the mms but will pick em up as and when, and not in a completist way. The only ones I've got are the ones that BritC got me in the presetation set, but that's a good start.

    I just wanted a big scale Defiant and now you've scored me that ERTL model, I'm trés happy


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    jeddah, there's a toy joint in denver of all places :)

    which indicate on their web site that they have the following strike force toys for $10.00 apiece

    Strike Force miniatures
    USS enterprise 1701-D #1520
    Cardassian warship # 321
    Klingon Bird of Prey #449
    Borg Temple #33154
    Klingon Great Hall #21609

    you may want to let vt know if interested, as they are in his home space port!

    if so, i will forward the pertinent info his way.

    of other st related internet news, an on-line store in new joisey (tamdee), had listed on their site that they had the insurrection ent-e for 39.99, i called them up (trying to see if i could score sum capt's yacht's fer you all), and they informed me that someone, just yesterday, bought all 15 they had

    expect to see a new bounty crop of these ill gotten goods to show up on ebay anytime soon
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    Thanks GSJ (once again for all your help), but until I move and get myself sorted I am not after anything.

    Did I tell you guys that I am moving to the house next door?


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    Originally posted by jeddah

    Did I tell you guys that I am moving to the house next door?

    i assume in spite of this newly posted caveat, all packages heading east in your direction, will still find their way to the intended recipient?
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    The postman knows us personally, if there is a problem, but in any case we woun't complete for a month at least.

    I shall make arrangements. It didn't even occur to me


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    as of last night................

    the sisko sailor (thanx vt! ), voyager, and enterprise d with removable saucer, moved into masons play rotation. the sailor at last report was the personal all purpose, heavily modifed star fighter of grand moff tarkin,(and boy is vader jealous!), while the ent-d and voyager, are captured newly designed imperial star cruisers which have been retrofitted and incorporated into the rebel fleet!

    i make this announcement, as this is the 1st time, that mason has begun to co-mingle sw & st mm's into a single scenario!

    np: the cars - shake it up
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