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    Smile thanx for the thanx!

    i included the loose die cast's as they were part of an auction i had won, and i have packaged ones at home!

    as fer the heavy on the klingon pieces, those were all the dupes i had laying around in an open state. as more and more packages get opened, there will be more dupes headin' in your direction. i just haven't gotten around to extractin' the ncc/nx excel yet. once i have sufficient quantities, i will send off another salvo!

    i hope to have your gsj groove done by that time.

    i will also include the badly connected saucer sectioned c at that time, if not for any other reason, despite it's short comings, the saucer ain't taffy pulled to the port side!, tonight when i go's home, i will double check the "perfect" c, but i did study it to some length, and as i recall, the saucer is dead on!

    i just sent brit cit a rather large shipment, so i have nothing pending to go in his direction, if you got a shipment headin' in brit cit's direction, by all means send him the bab 5 set 5 packaging. if it ain't too much trouble, can you send me the stands which comes with that set though? i'm using up all my extras to display the ones which never came with stands (the bhastads!)

    hey i got a good idea for cost savin's, why don't they just not include the ship, and sell us only packaging

    see, i can be a rhode island bean counter too

    np: dana spencer - oh listen rhode island (actually don't listen rhide island, i don't want to give you any ideas)
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    I'll pop my stands in your mail-o-joy; how many do you need?

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    errr ahhhh.....

    as many as you care to spare?


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    VT, thanks for the review of the Trek sets, I'm definitely going to try to get those now. I cannot believe you lost that USS Grissom, that's a major bummer. LMK when to pay you for the shipping on those blueprints and how much. You know what's scary? This will be the first thing I've gotten from you mailed at the postal media rate that will actually QUALIFY for that rate!

    That Ertl Die Cast Enterprise (originally from ST3) is one of my favorite toys! Luckily for me, I have one of those to replace the one I thrashed as a kid AND I have the Racing Champs pewter Ent-A which is fraggin' great.
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    Wink i assume you mean the neck's stair-step design, ltb?

    jt: hey i didn't lose Nuthin, you fogrot to Enclose it major bummer? oh, i think he'll live saw these a second time and they Really are small starfleet legends, now on display o-o-p at a hallmark near you (btw, every hallmark i've been to currently has plenty of sets of these for sale)
    gsj: aNother salvo? heavens, you do like to keep up a pace, doncha and, uh, YAA-uh, i think you Are gonna get the b5 #5's stands, considering you paid $25 for that set
    jdah: & i'll take any you Can't spare
    np: taste of honey, "boogie oogie oogie"
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    VT, you already have some coming from me, but I'll see what else is lying around ::::::just to be sure::::::: so


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    I'm pretty sure that sucker was in the package I sent to you, pretty DARN sure. I know this, I certainly don't have it. Clearly you aren't starving for one though. I could use a few of those Space Docks, though it looks like you're planning to throw a party and use them for drink umbrellas.

    I went and looked at the Starfleet Legends set, and everything in your review is right on, but unfortunately, your addendum is equally accurate, those suckers are SMALL AS HECK! I saw the DS9 ornament they're supposed to hang from (which makes little sense, they're supposed to hang from the upper pylons, but they're all way out of scale) and even though it's twice as much, I'm gonna get one for sure - it lights up at the central core underside AND at the outer ring docking ports, and it's got a base and a voice, plus it looks great.

    BTW, you're right about the Ep 1 3pack ornaments, that droid control ship is a good replacement for an MM version. I'm sticking with the AF one m'self, but I can see you MM purists being excited on this one, it'll be worth the after-xmas sale price.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Awaiting Confirmation britcit3's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Got some new stuff from Gary Perry

    pics are rubbish though.

    And sorry guys, Gary will only ever send me one of each - he never parts with more (i've tried asking him for stuff on behalf of other people before).



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    a bit of xplanation is in order:

    bc3 is apologizing reflexively cuz, with my long history of persistent beggery i've Trained him to feel guilty if he can't get me free resins no problem, unless they were ~$2 each and prepainted (like our beluvved mms), i wouldn't be nuts about acquiring them resins anyway Except as a freebie. meanwhile, i'm quite content to just view bc3's gussied-up copies on his webpage
    jt: after-xmas sale? hadn't heard of that. what's the typical discount? 75%?
    so, has anyone drilled an mm stand-hole into the bottom of their control ship's sphere yet?

    gsj: "tanx fer da tanx"
    -isn't that what rommel said to hitler?
    np: "desert chase" from williams' Raiders score


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