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    Question What is your favorite Micro line and ship?

    Over the past few days I have been getting VERY nostalgic over Micro Machines. I don't think I'm alone on this board, but I have never TRULY appreciated these things (outside of Star Wars) until lately. I guess you don't know what you've got, until it's gone.


    I was wondering what your favorite line of Micros is. I love the Star Wars series, but have lately gained a great deal of appreciation for the Star Trek and Babylon 5 ships. While Star Wars is my choice in media, I can't believe the degree of detail in modeling, and complexity in the paint schemes on some of these ships! Star Wars ships are mostly grey, but DAMN, these Trek and Babylon 5 ships are stunning! All the greens, blues, purples, etc... are AWESOME!!!

    Anyway, what do you guys think?

    What is your favorite line?


    What is your favorite single micro ship?

    I'm REALLY anxious to hear your responses!

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    I like the way Galoob handled the Star Trek MM micro line, with all the nice box sets and everything. Maybe it's because they never produced Trek action fleet, so I don't tend to compare the Trek micros to the AF, like I do with the SW micros. I'd take the Trek micros over the Playmates AF-scale ships any day.

    Favorite single piece: Klingon Bird of Prey from the IX Generations 3-pack
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    In fear of offending some of my SSG friends, I much prefer the Trek MM's.

    Took me a while to figure out why, but it finally came to me......there are more larger capital ships in the Trek line.

    I much prefer to imagine a face off between a Soveriegn Class ship and a Negh'var cruiser than between an A-wing and a TIE Interceptor.

    I know that there are some WARS capital ships, but the TREK ones appear more detailed.

    FAVE SHIP: close call between origianl D7 Battlecruiser and USS Farragutt


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    Trek MMs are my favorite line too, they came first for me (by about 12 seconds, no lie! ) and they just have so much great detail. Action Fleet is such a great line, but it's so different that I don't think of them as being in the same classification. Die Casts are somewhere in between for me.

    Favorite micro sip would be... oh man, that's a toughy! Runabout, AT-AT, Saratoga, Spacedock, DS9, Snowspeeder, Die Cast Star Destroyer, saucer-sep Ent-D, so many to choose from. I might have said the MM or DC Millennium Falcon, but it bugs me that they have their landing gear down. I don't think I have "one" favorite.
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    I never collected MMs other than Action Fleet just because I had to set some limits on my collection. I collect some 3 3/4" figures so collecting Action Fleet satisfies my need to collect Star Wars ships.

    I'd have to say that the Series Alpha Sith Infiltrator is my favorite. I love the Sith Infiltrator and it was nice to see that the concept model was just as tasty. Most of the other Series Alpha releases are cool but they really show that the final design was clearly better. Not so with the Infiltrator. The concept model totally rocks. Also, I'm making my judgement based totally on the design of the ships, not the design of the toy, because I collect AFs because of the love of the Star Wars ship designs.

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    I'd have to say the Trek MM line. I'm a bigger SW fan than ST fan, but I get the SW stuff in some form anyway, but the Trek MM line was the best way to get the ships with good detail on them without spending an arm and a leg. Too bad to get a complete set now it costs an arm, leg and saneness.
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    Cool i've been trying to respond to this thread since yesterday afternoon.......

    but to tell you the truth, it's a tough one.

    all the micro machine lines are fantastic in their own right.

    the level of detail was carried faithfully through all the different products under the micro machines flag. (af, mm, dc, x-ray, tranforming playsets, etc.)

    the babylon 5 mm's offer the widest pallate and diversity in terms of colors and different types of ships. the narn heavy cruiser gets my nod as my favorite of this line.

    the star trek line obviously represents the most widely recognized (as well as scrutinized) line of ships. of these, i concur with bc3, and give the nod to the d7 battle wagon as well. (was a cool ship back in 66, still cool today 36 years later)

    the star wars line is a little tougher. i love the level of detail on the measly scant few pod racers that were released. of the ships, the republic cruiser is definately a standout (of course it is silly boy, that bright red amongst all those grey and white hues)

    the titan ae phoenix ship is waaay cool with the glow in the dark engine beneath the cowling!

    the most disapointing of all the lines is the alien and starship trooper ships, don't get me wrong, i absolutely love em particularly the nostromo and the retrieval ship), but all those fixed skids and landing gear, hopelessly knock ships like the drop, and the tac outta scale, and make them look silly.

    the galaxy voyager line is ok, not a fan of the type of hard plastic used for these, and the retractable landing gear on most of em are too much trouble to even bother with. (the fact that there's even operable landing gear on these small guys is a wonder of itself)

    bottom line, i like micro machines period! from the good to the bad to the truely awsome, galoob made some of the best toys ever, and it's a shame that they've been gone for so long. i'm hoping hasbro wakes up and smells the bacta, and once again bring the micro machines back in all their glory!
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    Smile My favourite vehicle!

    In my case SW MicroMachines are what started it all!
    So I love them!

    But, if I had to point out my favourite line I would say Die-Cast Series! I love the look of DC vehicles. They are heavy, the paint job is very crisp and they are not bend-prone like some MM (unfortunately).
    X-Ray Fleet is another beautiful line, I never saw anything like that: interiors! I love to put the DC and the XR versions of a vehicle side by side (and the Trilogy Gift Set version is a very nice addition ).
    As far as my favourite vehicle is concerned it is a really tough choice. But, again, if I had to choose only one vehicle among the MM lines it would be the MM X-Wing contained in the TIE Fighter Pilot/Academy Transforming Action Set. This MM X-Wing has the engines all the same lenght, longer laser cannons and the best paint job among MM X-Wings. :happy:

    Anyway in my opinion all the MM lines, all the vehicles and playsets, all the MM and AF figures are more than a toy and more than a display piece, because they combine both these aspects in what a lot of people consider among the best collectibles ever!
    (I wonder why Hasbro is not able to understand this and decided to cancel the beautiful prototypes Glitch described in another recent thread. )


    P.S. In any case my favourite vehicle ever it is, has been, and will always be ... the Dinky UFO Interceptor!!!
    Ehi SID, tell these kids what a really amazing vehicle is like!

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    Question fave line?

    stmms used to be my undisputed fave cuz of their sublime palette; but then ep1 mm ships began rivaling them in that department, so maybe it's a tossup, settled only by stmms' superior numbers
    fave packaging? no contest: the 16-ship stlecs3; great mix of esoteric ships, & the box Rocks
    & fave ship? maybe jemhadar i spose, since it's front & center so often in my summer palettes. can't beat that bluey-purple
    well don't just sit around bein Nostalgic, glitchy: add your voice to our best chance in years to bring em back
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    Thanks VT, voice added!

    I forgot to add my favs! I'm basing this on the "Holy Crap!" factor. As in, when you look at it, all you can say is, "Holy Crap!" Unfortunately, I don't have many of the production pieces, so my decisions are based on the prototype ships.


    I LOVE Star Wars, but am not much of a Star Trek fan - sorry. That said, the Trek line is, hands down, the most detailed line in the bunch. Sure the Falcon, the Star Destroyers, and the AT-AT have awesome detail, but the Trek line is LOADED with hyper-detailed capital ships. Also, the Babylon 5 series has the best paint of them all.

    Favorite of Star Wars line: Star Destroyer (Falcon VERY close second).

    Quick note: the first Micro Star Destroyer proto had a little flip down door in the bay that the Rebel Blockade Runner was pulled into. When down, it served as a little "kick stand" for the ship. It detracted from the authenticity of the ship, so it was ultimately dumped.

    Favorite of Trek line: This is a tough one, but the Enterprise D with detachable dish is pretty damn amazing (Federation Space Dock, Runabout Shuttle, and HMS Bounty are right there).

    Favorite of Babylon 5 line: I never watched this show, but that Vorlon Transport is pretty dang keen.

    Favorite of Alien, T2, Predator line: Nostromo, hands down this is one of the most detailed ships out there.

    Favorite ship: Tie between Star Destroyer and Enterprise D. Please, don't drop a "Sophie's Choice" decision on me.


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