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    Question Star Trek Micro Machines

    uuuuhhhhhh........I'm new here and I wanted to know if we could start a petition to get ST Micros back

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    Talking any such petition you start. . .

    . . .i'll be happy to sign, sov

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    I came from the board that has Captian Kirk on it, and I must say I love how u r layething the smacketh down on his candy *** Unfortunately, I'm too much of a moron to Orchestrate a petition Would I do it by email But I shall try!!!! I know the scalpers u r talking about. Every time I go to ebay I always see sb114 as the high bidder for the auction I have my eye on, and I have seen H2racers mall (outrageous prices). I tried to negotiate with him but it was either his way or no way. So Hats off to u mr touch!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    Nice to see you over here Soveriegn.

    On this board, you will learn that you can expand your collectionwith the help of other collectors WITHOUT being completely ripped off - SCALPERS are shown short shrift here.

    ST MM petition - probably a problem there as Galoob (Hasbro) lost the license from Paramount to produce them (they actually WANTED to make more apparently).

    The moderator of this board organised a petition for the return of SW MM's, so it may be worth having a chat with him - his name is Jeditricks.

    Cheers & once again welcome.


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    I emailed JediTricks. So how does this board work? I have 32 ST MMs down and 22 to go ( I think)

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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa

    there are 53 ST MM's in total plus the Captains Yacht.



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    Hmmmm... maybe if copies were sent to Paramount, Hasbro and the company that is going to make the new Trek toys?

    I'd be glad to sign!

    Hmm... I only get 52 after the Captain's Yacht minus any paint variants.... are you counting paint variants? like Generation&1st release Klingon Bird of Prey? There were also some darker versions of Romulan Warbirds and Ferengi Marauders along with BORG Cubes... I may have mis-counted though...
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
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    Err, SCOUSELAND, like, laa
    I make 3 ships * 16 sets, plus the 5 ships from the collectors editions - Ent E, Ent A, Future Klingon, Future Ent D & Pasteur - makes 53.

    This does include the 2 Klingon BOP's - but they do have different paint schemes - the Generations version has more detail and more realistic colour.



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    ok, so if everyone is so nice and fair at this forum, do any of yall know where i can get the kazon torpedo, the caretaker's array, the bajoran sailing vessel, or the captain's yacht at a decent price?


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    ok, ok, before this gets out of hand.....

    the way we help one another around here, is by developing a communal relationship bond, around the discussion of micro machines.

    this forum is primarely a star wars site, and as such, most of the topics involve star wars toys that were manufactured by galoob.

    the forum does discuss other galoob lines (star trek, galaxy voyagers, military, alien, predater, et. cte), but our primary function is the discussion of star wars.

    the trading community which has transpired here, is an enjoyable off shoot, not the main purpose.

    it is during the course of our micro machine related posts, where the needs of others are duely noted, and if someone happens to find, what someone might be lookin for, it is posted here and an equitable trade agreement is usually worked out.

    scottkey, you have indicated your wants, and they will be taken in consideration, however, we are not a forum where one pops in once, and asks the going price for a particular toy.

    our community is world wide with regular posters chiming in from all corners of the globe. particular wants and needs, which can not be found in your backyard, might be available elsewhere.

    case in point:

    about 6 month ago, i noticed that someone from england had posted to the old classified section in the old forum, that they were looking for an action fleet tie defender (usually goes these days for $150.00 and up on ebay), and were willing to trade some htf potf figures for it. as i don't collect potwhatever, but i was after the later releases of the mm x-rays which were only released in europe, and just happened to have a dupe defender handy, i offered him the defender in exchange for him to track down the x-rays. he agreed, and i mailed him the defender asap.

    several months had gone by, no luck on the x-rays, but he vigilently kept me up to date, so that i would not worry that he wuz going awol.

    well to bring this story to a close, i just got word that he has tracked down the x-rays, and that they are winging they're way to me.

    in the mean time, we have been corrosponding regularly, and are helping each other out, with not only our own needs, but the needs of others.

    i highly recommend that you stay a spell, get to know everyone here, and in time, i'm sure you will be more than pleased with your ssg mm forum experience.

    welcome to ssg!
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