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    What do you do for a living?

    It seems that collectors -- especially those who collect multiple lines -- must have some sort of disposable income (or maybe they just don't eat much). So, what do you do as your line of work?

    As for me, I currently don't have a job; I'm still looking for one in the few weeks before I head off to college. I pay for Star Wars stuff mostly through my allowance, which is $10 a week and will likely end once I move to the dorms (though I don't have to pay for my own college, so that's good). I also use birthday money and whatnot, and currently have a nice chunk of change for July 26 (but not much for after that). I worked at Target last year and as a paper carrier a few years ago. And I'll be studying film and hopefully working in that field after college.

    What about the rest of you?
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    Technical Investigator. More popularly known as a crime scene investigator.

    Blood 'n' guts almost every night in my county, kiddies!

    (The county I work for is about the size of the state of Massachusetts)

    Disposable income? What's that?

    Food, gas, utilities, mortgage, college tuition......
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    Certified Medication Aid in a dementia unit in a nursing home. And let me tell you, it's a mad mad world out there people.

    I make about 10.00 an hour wich mostly gets eaten up by gass (50$ a week. I live far from work) day care (80 to $100 dollars a week depending on my scedual) and health insurance ($250 a month). I sat down and figured out that after paying all those things I make about $140 bucks a pay check, which gose to the house payment since we pay twice a month when my pay check comes in.

    Disposable income comes from the wife who thankfuly makes more than me. I usualy limit myself to about 20 bucks a month.

    I am currently looking into going back to school to become a history (and if possible also an art) teacher. Out here in Kansas it's probably the best paying job outside of something in politics or a doctor.

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    I work tech support for Dish NEtwork. The base pay is good, but they offer unlimited OT which I usually take advantage of. I usually work 10 hours a week, but lately it has been alot more and that helps feed the beast.
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    Active Duty Army Staff Sergeant (E-6) base pay $3,158.70 per month, not including allowances. Add 294.43 a month for BAS (Basic Allowance for Subsistence) and another $1,000 a month for BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing). That works out to about $4453.13 a month before taxes. However taxes only come out of base pay, BAS and BAH are tax free.

    I should pin on E-7 (Sergeant First Class) soon. That will bump my base pay up to $3592.50 per month and add a little to my BAH.

    Of course BAH is also based upon the area where you live, here in Texas (Ft. Hood) I get about $1,000 per month. Plus medical and dental and 30 days paid vacation per year.

    I guess we're doing okay, I make enough to support a family of three (including myself), pay the bills, put some away, and spend a little here and there on entertainment and hobbies.

    Aside from the generic label of "Active Duty Army" my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) or "job" is 68A (Biomedical Equipment Technician). I maintain and repair medical equipment for the Army. Well, now days I'm more of a pencil pusher who rarely gets to work on equipment. The higher up you go the less you get to work directly in your specialty.

    Though I do get to break away and get my hands dirty from time to time, not too many people get to tell me what to do in my own maintenance shop! LOL
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    Currently work as a Videographer in Los Angeles (or wherever I'm asked to travel in the world) primarily shooting behind-the-scenes and interviews on films for promotion and DVD use. I also shoot other broadcast, corporate, and industrial projects on occasion.

    There is no set schedule so there is no set budget or anticipated weekly/yearly income. Typical yearly income though tends to sit between $85,000 and $120,000 depending on a ton of variables.

    I also have written a book that was published a couple of weeks ago, but have no idea what income will come of that.

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    I'm a technical director/director for a 24-hour local news station. I will have been here 6 years come this August. I was an audio operator/master control operator the first 5.5 years. The pay isn't nearly enough of course, but free digital cable and free internet are very nice perks. I get by for now, just having paid off my car, with my school loans my next project to knock out of the way. That I want done by the time I'm 30(2 years away) and then I want to get a house and figure out where I want to be. Going to try to limit my spending as much as possible.
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    University assistant professor Ph.D. I'm also a radio programmer at a local radio station - airplaying ambient music
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    After college I started a political consulting business working mostly with land-use issues for developers that wanted to go through the city permit process. I'd made sure I interned for the majority of elected officials in San Diego at the time. I also interned for the courts and business organizations.

    Then I got elected to local office and expanded my experience working on transit planning, local police issues, park and recreation projects, the library system, student issues at the university, etc.

    Meanwhile, all this paid sporadically or not-at-all and I got my state and federal licenses that I needed to help with private retirement planning.

    Both my parents died during the course of this time, and I learned I'd inherited a potentially terminal illness - along with their real estate and retirement planning. Thus I never have to work again if I live comfortably, but not outlandishly (and generally don't marry a gold-digger and add expenses with little rugrats who also would share a strong potential to inherit my illness and suffer as well).

    With my hospitalization and increasing medical issues proving inconvenient, I dropped out of a community service-oriented life for the time being, and I used my free time to write an epic fictional novel which has absolutely nothing to do with this. I am working on getting published and then hope for a movie deal if I live that long.

    If I don't die and I'm successful, I may find myself becoming an author, but that's premature to run with that at the time being. While I inherited property, I can't live in the houses AND have a dependable income, so the goal I'm very consumed with is being able add additional income in order to buy my own house in which to live and display my collection.
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    Damn sk99, had I known the military was going to pay so well, I'd have stayed in it....The benefits are awesome o course, and damn 30 paid days off. I don't recall it being anywhere near that amount when I was in. Then again I was only in for 5 years and didn't yet attain E-6.
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