There are just a few things left to complete my collection. I'm starting out with my wants:

Vintage Figures:
Blue Snaggletooth

Vintage Weapons:
3 yellow lightsabers (from farmboy figure "A New Hope")
2 black endor blasters
1 black palace blaster
1 Amanaman Hunter's Staff
1 Endor Luke Belt

Modern Figures:
Darth Bane

Gentle Giant:
Darth Bane Mini-Bust

1 MOC Darth Vader Celebration III with case
1 loose Saga X-Wing (w/ R2-D2 and supplies) w/ VTSC X-Wing Luke
1 MOC "Custom" figure Endor Rebel Commando (ROTJ 77 back card)
1 MOC "Custom" figure Red Protocol Droid (EP1 Card-no back)

I might have more of the modern loose figures if you ask I'll take a look. Thanks