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    I'd been looking for those "_ packs + bonus pack" boxes that Target often had for card sets, and I finally noticed one. It's 5 packs ($9.99) and 2 "bonus collector coins." Not sure if that's enough to get me to pick up one. I think the find-a-complete-set-sometime-later deal will work for me.
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    I got four packs from someone who was out of state on a vacation (thanks, ma! ), which netted me 12 more new cards (including a few inserts), so now I'm at that balance point: I have about half the set, plus a few foils and animation cels. Do I keep on pack-opening?

    In fact, those wrappers seemed to be hobby ones (they mentioned Red Animation cel inserts, but I got a blue cel card [Dooku, it said there're 5 of these]) based on the different 1:something ratios of cards listed.
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    I forgot to mention that inside one of the packs I recently opened was a white card with one of those "don't steal this" store exit sensor bars glued to it. I did get the seven cards plus that; don't hav eany idea why.

    Also, if any of you are putting together a set and need fill-in cards, here are the extras I have:

    10, 12, 24-25, 27-28, 38-39, 42-44, 55, 61, 71, 82, 88-90.
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    I bought some hobby and retail packs this weekend. Got two regular ani film cards, a couple of foil cards and one red-framed ani card.

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    Picked up several packs over the last few weeks. Sent a few of the cards to some of the actors to hopefully get signed. Got a nice cel card -no sketches yet.
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    Has anyone gotten a sketch card yet? Just curious.

    I've seen the two-packs at Target and Mejier; no extra bonus cards. I've also seen the 5-pack box sets with the two coins out. I might pick one up, just to see what the coins are.

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    On a whim today, picked up a two-pack at W*M: got a few regulars I didn't have, plus a Yoda foil and animation cel #4. Sweet!
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    Picked up a few more packs today at Target. I pulled another animation cell (3 of 10), and another motion card (2 of 5.) Fun stuff! Still slowly building a set...

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    Bought a couple of packs and got one animation cell and one motion card. Not too bad. Also filled in a few gaps in my basic card set, too.


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