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    Cool Clone Wars movie set

    I clicked on the News section for the CW cards... where there was no information? Maybe we just need to be patient.




    How 'bout now? No? Darn it! I was patient, and everything! Oh well... More news to come, as well as those who plan on buying them (I'm still undecided).
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    Here's a direct link to the info, BC.

    I'm wonder if there are preview cards.

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    Unless they were actual artwork (like McQuarrie paintings, SW Galaxy sets, et al), I never really liked cartoon or drawn trading cards; live shots were/are the best. Maybe the CGI aspect will convince me, but I'm not too excited yet.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    I'm already passing on this set. No autograph cards. But if I can get a base set for cheap, then I'd be down.
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    I was looking through my collections of cards the other day (check out the trading section for a request of mine to fill in holes in those unfinished sets ), and I realized I actually bought a couple packs of the other Clone Wars set. I'm still not sold on this new one yet; I might buy a pack or two and let those move me (or not).
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    I got P1 from the current NonSport Update. I'll buy the base set, but no boxes.


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