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    Big Brother 10!!!

    Big Brother 10 is set to premiere Sunday, July 13th at 8 pm (ET). The show will also air Tuesdays at 9 pm and Wednesdays at 8 pm, following the same format as in the past.

    Big Brother After Dark will also continue to air on SHO2 between 12:00-3:00 AM (ET). *keeping fingers crossed that this AD season is as good as the last.

    The cast is not known as of yet, but this Tuesday on The Early Show, they are going to be revealed. Also, on Friday, there will be a Tour of the Big Brother house on The Early Show. I've got both shows set to record on the DVR, but I'm mainly looking forward to Tuesday when we find out who the contestants are.

    So just one week to go until we kick off what I hope will be a(nother) fantastic season of Big Brother!!! I can't wait!!!
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    The Cast Bios are up on the CBS website.

    I watched The Early Show and I gotta tell you, I am not overly impressed with the overall grouping of house guests this season. It is definitely diverse, that's for sure, but they might be lacking personality or something. One thing is for sure, my first impression wasn't as good as I would have liked it to be.


    Looks like Keesha will be my girl this year. She is a hot blond that works at Hooters. She kind of reminds me of Danielle from a couple seasons back. One strike against her though, she is a member of PETA.

    April looks cute. She is OCD which could bring something different to the BB House.

    Angie could be alright. She is from Virginia Beach, right down the road from me, so I hope she does well.

    Renny is 53 years old!?!?!? can't tell it from her bio picture though. She looks much younger.

    Looks like Michelle and Libra will be my least favorites of the girls. Especially Libra; could very well be hated this season.

    Definitely going to be pulling for Jerry, the 75 year old man. Looks like he is in really good shape for being that age. He just lost his wife to Parkinson's disease.

    There is a 22 year old body builder (Jessie), a gay rodeo cowboy (Steven), a bartender (Memphis) and several others. Hopefully some of them are cool.

    Like I said though, very diverse group of people, which is good. They just didn't seem very personable. I'm sure all of this will change though, once the season starts up.
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    Eh, we'll see. Hopefully it'll be better than that godawful season 9 . . .
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    Ah, another way to kill three nights of summer TV viewing. I can't wait!!!!

    I think it's great that the producers went back to the basics. No ex-girlfriends/boyfriends/unknown siblings/BS.

    I have a feeling the producers will do all that they can to keep the old guy in as long as possible.

    Season 9 wasn't that bad but I think CBS threw it together too quickly, with the writers strike, IMO. The HGs were probably applicants left over from last summer's show who were told to be on stand-by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150
    I think it's great that the producers went back to the basics. No ex-girlfriends/boyfriends/unknown siblings/BS.
    I couldn't agree more. I think this will be the first time, since season 3, that there are no preexisting relationships.

    I have been reading where America may be more "involved" with this season.

    Remember that tomorrow (Friday) on The Early Show they are touring the BB House. I think this house is supposed to be like none-other. I think the themes for each room are from different eras, like a 50's style Kitchen, and etc. I believe I read this somewhere. Anyways, it will be interesting to see what it is like. I'm also curious about what the pets will be too.

    For the record - I enjoyed Season 9, for the most part. James was my favorite House guest, and while he didn't win 500k, it was nice to see him get 25k on the last show. That was sweet. But yeah, the season definitely felt like it was just thrown together on very short notice, which it was. Still, it wasn't that bad.

    I hope you watch and enjoy this season JJL. Be sure to let us know your thoughts too.
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    Hopefully no tricks this time around, just a basic show, such the last we say on BB3. I ahve to agreee so far the hottie is Keesha.
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    I watched the tour of the BB house on The Early Show. And the rumors were correct, the house's rooms are themed by era. I won't go into detail, because you will see the house tomorrow night, but the kitchen looks awesome!
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    For the record, I'm not going to let my physique control my comments on BB10.

    Boy, Jessie is full of bovine scatology. He needs to go.

    I automatically think of Nicholas Cage's Memphis Raines (gone in 60 Seconds) when I hear Memphis' name.

    Jerry's the luckiest man in the house. He got to feel April's boobies!!!

    Interesting group. I can see where Renny and Libra would get on people's nerves.

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    Well, I must say, these house guests are much better than I was expecting them to be. It didn't take long for them, well, most of them, to grow on me.

    Keesha, April and Angie are all very attractive. Nice boobiesbodies too.

    It appears that Dan is a very strong player. Him, Brian and Ollie could have a very strong alliance.

    I wonder what the women are doing as far as alliances go?!?!?

    Libra could get very obnoxious, in due time, no doubt.

    Memphis Raines. Now that is all I'm gonna think about.

    Jerry made the right choice for his nominations. Although I think they will try to get Renny out first, which I think should happen. She is VEEEERY obnoxious! I don't mind Jessie, but he certainly didn't do himself any favors within the first few days.

    I love the house. What did you all think? The Diner is awesome. I like the 80's rock room too. The 60's hippie room is sweet too. That HOH room was bangin! I saw a fish tank in the HOH room, I believe it was. Are those the only pets? I don't remember seeing any others?!?!?

    Interesting start to the show btw, with choosing HOH. I'm soo glad Renny wasn't chosen.

    The Reward/Food challenge was pretty sweet too. I believe that was the same Mustang as this past season too.

    Anyways, good first show. Like I said, the house guests aren't bad at all. I'm pretty pleased with them; lets see how long this lasts.

    Can't wait to see what is going on BB AD tonight. I'm sure the veto competition has already been done, so it will be interesting to see how that, and other things, have played out thus far. (I will post spoiler alerts, as always, if I comment on things).

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    Jerry is awesome. Old guys rule.

    His nominations were fantastic - cause the nominees are PO'ed at each other - and not him

    I don't think he is gonna win - but I hope he goes far.

    April has nice thingees.
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