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    Is you is or is you not a blog reader?

    Some people love them, some people hate them. I love reading sports blogs, but I'll cut my wrist if I have to see one more joke emote about burning his toast on Myspace.

    I read a dozen or so sports blogs daily. My favs are: A Pittsburgh Penguins fansite. I became a Pens fan (until the SCF) by virtue of this site. Like the name implies, its a website devoted to pointing out the idiotic things baseball's foremost analyst says on a daily basis. Other than that, they pick apart "professional" articles and laugh at how most people tend to think that "clutch-iness" and "grit" are just as important as OPS and BABIP. James Mirtle is a hockey deity as far a reporting is concerned. If you're a hockey fan, this site needs to be in your bookmarks. Period. An NHL blog with a Pittsburgh Penguins bias. Good stuff. A blog about Curtis Granderson. It doesn't get updated often enough, but when they do they have some good links and stories. Named after the "Mulleted One", this is another NHL blog that borders on absurd. If you've ever dreamed of mock interviews with Jeremy Roenick, I suggest this site. A daily Tigers blog with game recaps, news and (hilarious) opinions.
    Abel to Yzerman: Head and shoulders above other Red Wings blogs. This is on par with any "professional" site in terms of news and coverage. Plus, its funny without being snarky or malicious. Good stuff.
    NHL Fanhouse: AOL's NHL blog. Good for breaking news and other professional stuff, but a bit on the sanitary side.
    Big League Stew: Yahoo!'s MLB blog. Like Fanhouse, its good if not dull. If you're so inclined, look up the review/recommendations about Comerica Park. You might see a familiar name.
    Walk Off Walk:Another MLB blog. Good for recaps and news. A touch on the ugly side, but that's a personal opinion.
    Puck_Daddy: Aside from James Mirtle's blog, this is the best NHL blog. Lots of news and recaps along with opinions.

    Check them out, post any you read. And for what its worth I'm not the author of, or promoting otherwise, these.
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    Thumbs down

    There's a local humor columnist in our newspaper who also has a blog. I've spoken with him a few times, so he's the only person I read, blog-wise.

    I think blogs have come down with an online case of appendicitis; they have some purpose that no longer benefits humankind, and should be removed. Only time you hear anything about them, there's pain involved.
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    I don't do blogs.
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    Nope, and I look down on anyone who blogs or reads blogs. I hate the word blog. does sound interesting though, thanks for the tip Caps.

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    Perez Hilton. Typifies the arse end of blogging. Nuff said.

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    Eh, I used to be a blogger and a reader of one...not so much anymore though.
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    Do Tycho's posts count? If not then, no.

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    Nope, nada, not gonna do it. i don't seem to have enough time in the day as it is. not gonna waste it reading someone else's inane comments... yet i don't mind checking up on this site even though i've pretty much given up buying anything besides books.

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    There are just too many out there, it's almost like reading someones diary, which used to be kept in a little book, sometimes with a lock to keep prying eyes away. I admit to using the Blog on my Myspace account, but haven't posted/blogged there for quite some time now.
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    i blogged. i bared my inebriated soul until i realised no-ones gives a damn, no-one really reads anything longer than a paragraph and it's a complete waste of life. only time I go to a blog these days is to steal spoiler pictures off these sci-fi fansites. don't give a damn what they write. just shove the pictures up and let people e-mail in if they want more info. enough of the self indulgent ego tripping essays please.


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