Okay, while I'm not going, I wish I were just once.

Anyway, I do have an ulterior motive to posting this thread. I need HELP. No not mental, well maybe, anyway, heh heh...I also collect Halo figures and this year there is a Halo exclusive two-pack.

See it here:

I REALLY want this set.

I'll pay for this up front so there is no cost to you.

I think they are doing a pre-order pick-up. So you'd have to order this in your name in order to be able to pick this up at the con. It's free to sign up. Go to Spawn.com (It's McFarlane's main site). Register for free, then order this set (though the pre-order isn't up yet). Take your order confirmation to their table and get the set. It SHOULD be that easy. Again I'll paypal you the funds first so this won't cost you anything and you shouldn't have to stand in line for this either.

In any case, I'll be more than happy to kick in an extra $20 for your effort. I know that's not much but should buy you a lunch or two.

Please PM me if you can hook me up. I asked Tycho who all is going (he can't do this due to his health for which I completely understand). So I know there are a few of your good folks going. I'm just asking for a little help here.

Thanks to anyone who can help. SSG SDCC goers you're my only hope!