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    Everybody finding the B-Wing?

    Now that it's been out awhile, has everyone found a B-Wing? Do you guys think it's been easier to find than the Y-Wing was last year? Personally I have only seen it in one of about four Targets in my area.
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    I have yet to see the B-Wing in my part of KY, though I heard it made a brief appearance in Louisville.

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    Yeah I found it. And I love it! Its the best yet! I will say it took me less time to find this than both the Skiff and Y-Wing. And I still believe that Target should be permanently taken off the list of stores that can carry Hasbro exclusives.
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    I've found the B-Wing.
    I saw the Y-Wing a while ago but didn't get it. I was stupid not to.

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    Yeah, I've found them, but I think the stockboys are using them for soccer practice. I know it's big, and the window is delicate, but all they do is take them out of the box and set them on a shelf. The first two I found were so beaten up that I actually passed on buying them (half-thinking I would never see one again). But a week later I found a fresh display of 4 at a different Target. Even then only one didn't have any bends or dents but one was all I wanted. Even if I decide to open it, I still want it to look nice.

    Off topic, this is the largest SW item I've purchased retail in a looooong time. Now, I'm proud of my collection, but the walk to the front check-out lane seemed esp. long that day. Like every kid I passed was staring me down, and I must admit I felt a little guilty/foolish. When I was a kid I used to dream that some stranger would see me drooling in the toy aisle and offer to buy me any toy I wanted out of the kindness in his/her heart. Now I was the tall, dark stranger and a part of me wanted to give my fresh bought B-Wing to the first wide-eyed kid I saw. Of course today, that kind of action would probably get the parents mad, thinking your some kind of pedophile and having security (Target security, he he) throw you out the door. Has anyone else felt a little funny carrying a 2' SW toy box out of Target?
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    Hey Jedicecil!!

    I noticed that you are from Grand Rapids. We're practically neighbors! Where did you find your B-Wing? It wasn't at the Grandville Target was it? That's the only place I've seen them so far.
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    Don't worry, I really don't think many kids these days really know or care what a B-Wing is. Well, maybe a few.

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    I found three on open shelves at my local Super Target the first weekend. I wasn't even looking for them. All were in great shape considering the packaging. I bought them all because I knew Sith Worm would want one. I didn't want one but I do want the TIE Bomber and have a suspicon that I won't be so lucky with that one, so I need something to trade with.

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    I bought one online a couple weeks ago, fearing the worst. Yesterday, as fate would have it, I walked into Target and there were 4 sitting right there. I bought one for the armada.

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    stillakid, I bought one online and for that very reason I don't go to Target anymore. Because it is a known fact that all you have to do to get something to show up in a store is to buy it online. Works everytime.


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