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    No photos yet.

    Does this mean that pre-orders for the rumored Kithaba/Wooof wave are just around the corner?
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    Are we getting a new emperor or is it going to be a repack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowtrooper View Post
    Are we getting a new emperor or is it going to be a repack?
    I would say new, as this is the main line and repacks are in the greatest hits or Saga Legends line. Though I do find it odd that they're putting an Emperor figure in an ESB wave? I know Hasbro said there would be a new Palpatine soon (I thought it was later this year), but I also thought it would be in the ROTS wave and was hoping for the senate duel outfit.

    Anyway, the rest of these sound awesome! Medical frigate Luke and Leia will be great to finally have, as will Needa. Hopefully the Rebel Trooper will be tall and SA.

    Oh, and didn't Hasbro say just last week that the Ugnaught would be single-carded?
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    I am skeptical about the Emperor, and the Ugnaught is supposed to be 1 not 2. Originally it was going to be 2.
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    it's very wierd to see the Emperor in the list since all we see of him in the movie is a great holo bust, aka "Disturbance in the Force" set from SDCC. perhaps this will be a concept Emperor or McQuarrie Emperor.

    Luke and Leia sound cool and especially with the redo of 2-1B ( would really rock if Luke comes with surgery table, and interchangable finished and one still open)

    Hoth Solider could be cool, although I can see Hasbro repacking the repainted Hoth Solider/Major Derlin from the Target set last year.

    Captain Needa - can't wait...i just hope they give us a neutral pose Needa - kinda like Ozzel but with more articulation. as long as it is not like Jerjerrod I'm sold.

    Ugnaught....meh have to wait and see, these guys didn't impress me in the movie (although if they packed in a smelting bin with Threepio parts and other droid parts that would rock.)
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    Well, I'm excited. I would be willing to bet that the Hoth trooper is all new and all SA. Let's face it, who would buy him if he weren't? And I wonder if Hasbro had the Emperor ready to go from another wave or Battle Pack and decided to sneak him into this wave just to get him out or perhaps another ESB figure (Willrow Hood perhaps?) fell through. I'm looking forward to all of this wave, assuming they are all new sculpts.
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    If it's an ESB wave, I'm guessing we will get a holographic Emperor. Hopefully they will use the new sculpt from the Evolutions and Order 66 sets.

    I'm wondering if he is a holo, that they will use soft goods much like they did on holo Dooku, only more of it because it's the whole Emperor's robe.

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    As to Willrow Hood, there ARE two ESB waves next year, so I assume he's in the other one. As to a holographic Emperor, I doubt we'll see one based on the Evolutions mold (since he has a lot of cloth - too much for a holo figure), and we already have three normal-sized Palpatine holographs and the new large one, so I wouldn't count on it.
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    I wonder if they'll try cramming the holo Emperor that came with the SDCC exclusive onto a card. They'd have to use an extra large bubble for it to work.


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