These are definitely coming out and you'll see the pictures at Comic Con.

The figures are in the animated style.

Magna Guard (Grievous' Body Guard)
Admiral Yualrin
Jawa 2-pack
Commander Gree
ARF Trooper
Battle Droid Sentry

You got me on what some of these things are, but the Clone Wars movie and TV show will reveal them.

The movie is August 15 and I believe the TV show starts in October. It may or may not repeat things that were shown in the movie. I don't know.

There are also these battle packs - they are animated style from what I heard:

B'Omarr Monastary (the Jedi will have to save Jabba's son in order to win safe passage to fight the Separatists in non-Republic space, and we might see when Jabba took over the B'Omarr Monastary seen as his palace in ROTJ). In any case, it's probably a convenient way for Hasbro to re-release the B'Omarr Monk figure.

Jabba The Hutt - this may be an animated version of the Hutt, or just characters he interacts with at the palace. They might do a throne dias here, so they can re-sell it to us as the ROTJ version later.

Clone Wars Attack Group - you got me. But you can bet that Hasbro will pack clone troopers in something.