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    Target Clearance

    What have you picked up at Target on clearanced Star Wars stuff?
    I know this is to prepare for the new movie and I was surprised by this a few weeks ago but I've been able to pick up the following:

    -All 6 of the Order 66 2packs. Actually got 7 as I didn't have the Emperor and Thire one.
    -Obi Wan, Anakin, June Eclipse, and Po Nudo (to open).

    You find any goodies?

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    Nothing at Target, though I've gotten 3 AOTC clones, 2 Hawkbat clones, and 1 Biker Scout at WM since their figures are $5 each now.
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    Picked up a few of the Order 66 packs for $5 each.

    I was tempted to get the FU Rancor but I passed. That is 20 dollars more added to the BMF fund.
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    Just the five Order 66s that I didn't already have (#s 1, 3-6; they were $4.98 each at one store [I bought from there] and $6.98 at another). Have passed on any of the other figures, as I don't like them or already have 'em.
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    I got some duplicate order 66 2 packs to open/customize. Nothing else of interest on the shelves. After looking at the same figures for the past 5 months I'm starting to get sick of the whole line. If new stuff wasn't right around the corner, I'd be tempted to quit collecting entirely.

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    1 saga legends Biker Scout for $4.60.
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    Finally broke down and got Juno Eclipse for $3.32. Interestingly, that Neimodian senator (still can't recall his name) was $4.64 (I passed).
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    I mentioned this in another thread already, but I found wave2 of TLC (Clone War microseries) for $3.32 a peice last week.

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    Well, I've been waiting for 50% on Order 66 but it looks like they're pretty much going to be gone at 75%. I did get a fourth AT-RT set in order to have an even number. Otherwise, I grabbed a couple of white SA clones, one Hawkbat, and one Vanguard Trooper all at 50%.

    I was greatly spoiled the first go around with Order 66 as I got all of them for 75% off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom-like Menace View Post
    I was greatly spoiled the first go around with Order 66 as I got all of them for 75% off.
    I here ya bro, me too.
    Move along, move along


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