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    New stuff at Comic-Con

    Though I don't want to give support to any otheR Sites, well, this one doesn't have Comic-Con stuff up yet but I'm quite giddy about what's been shown so far. Let's see . . .

    *Quinlan Vos and Kashyyyk Trooper comic pack - Sweet, this is a better Quinlan. I like the look of the trooper, too.
    *Luke comic pack - Is that Clone Emperor in there? Dunno, but it looks well done.
    *Repaint wave - LOVE the holo softgoods on Dooku, I can't believe it's taken them this long but they finally figured it out. Dunno why he still has the hilt painted. Yaddle looks a little different but I still don't think they should have put her and Even in the BD series. The Engineer looks to be a straight repack; everyone else is sweet.
    *ROTS wave - Grievous is fantastic!!! The others in the wave are superb too, but I have wanted a Grievous like this since 2005.
    *The Clone Wars figures - I love how Asajj and Dooku have holograms of each other, and Plo's double-saber wrist thing is awesome. This line has really grown on me.
    *TRU ARC-170 - pretty cool with the wampa on it, but I don't want too many more of these ships.
    *B-wing - awesome, but the pilot looks like Jeff Daniels.
    *STAP set with Anakin - I figured this was coming, but I wanted it since I saw the preview over a year ago at CIV.
    *Endor set - Freakin' sweet!! Now we have an SA Imperial Officer. The R2-D2 with the open panels looks nice, but hopefully it'll line up better on the actual figure . . . don't know why they couldn't sculpt it on him, but it's nice to have it. I can't tell if Han's head is new.
    *Millennium Falcon passengers - nice, but I already have everything here so I will skip it.
    *Sarlacc - as I said in the other thread, this rules!!! That is just too damn awesome.
    *Disturbance at Lars Homestead - fantastic! I love the creature (what is that?) and the base, which I was not expecting.
    *Legends of the Force - what a waste, Kmart always has the worst crap for exclusives.

    I really was not expecting this much awesomeness after July 26, but thankfully the year is packed with it!
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    I'm glad we finally got some close up shots of the A-Wing Pilot. Looks good, not 100% accurate, but at least they got the helmet right and the headsculpt looks like a huge improvement over the Tycho figure.

    I'm liking the looks of the new B-Wing Pilot except for the color, why not red?

    Outside of that, there's really not much I'm excited about here. The Sarlacc Pit looks okay, but not a single new Skiff Guard in the set. Pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post

    *Disturbance at Lars Homestead - fantastic! I love the creature (what is that?) and the base, which I was not expecting.

    Could it be a Wamprat?
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    The Bunker Damage R2-D2 is cool. Nice to see them finally make one.

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    *Quinlan Vos and Kashyyyk Trooper comic pack - I'm happy to be getting Vos in Jedi robes, but I hate that he still has a blaster. Faie is one of my most wanted figures . . . in his concept art look, not Scout armor. I might get this and just make Faie part of Gree's group and keep the Commander Faie single carded figure as Faie.

    *Repaint wave - Jodo Kast!

    *TRU ARC-170 - As you said, the wampa is cool, but it's not distinctive enough for me to worry about.

    Clone Wars gunship with Twi'ilek - Looks cool, but it has the lack of distinctiveness problem too. I may or may not get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    Disturbance at Lars Homestead - fantastic! I love the creature (what is that?) and the base, which I was not expecting.
    Yeah, I think Blue2th may be correct. Wamprat sounds like a good guess, and that's very cool if that's what it is.

    At first I was really excited about this set, and I still am I suppose, but the price doesn't exactly thrill me. I'd say we're looking at $15 worth of figures, and maybe $20 worth of "homestead" at best. As cool as the Wamprat is, I'm not calling it a $15 figure.

    But again, I suppose we'll see how it goes when the thing comes out.

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    I'm damn impressed by some of the comic packs, And Jodo KAst has surprised me, he might be making my list after all, as with greivous.

    Plo Koon and Asoka too from clone wars i'm thinking

    *watches his money disappear*

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    And I thought this year would be slow.........
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    I'm more into the titaniums - an MTT? Landing craft? TIE Defender? They have some cool stuff lined up...

    The battle packs are leaving me cold - except the bunker set, but I only want 2 figures out of that set....(R2 and the Imperial officer)

    The Sarlacc and Homestead packs are cool - but I only want the playset parts - so they will be passes for me as well.
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    well I cant get their website to come up. I can access their forums but the pics from comic con wont show. Think somebody got shut down?



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