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    New Large Vehicles or Re-Size Existing Ones?

    The Falcon prompted this discussion.

    New Vehicles (Large) that haven't been made before:

    Blockade Runner
    Star Destroyer
    Jabba's Sailbarge (very possible)
    Republic Cruiser
    Invisible Hand
    Imperial Landing Craft

    Old Vehicles that could be redone:

    AT-AT - could sell
    Imperial Shuttle
    Queen's Royal Starship
    Sith Infiltrator
    Jawa Sandcrawler
    Republic Gunship - might also sell
    TIE Interceptor
    TIE Bomber
    AT-ST - could sell
    Desert Skiff - great candidate actually

    What would you want done / made? What's your priority?
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    Order for me would be tough... it was hard spending $99 on the old AT-AT's and if the price went up, it would be tough again, since I have 3 or 4... I'd probaly want to do 3 or 4 again. Here is a rough estimate of the order for me:

    1). Jabba's Sail Barge
    2). AT-ST - to fit 2 AT-ST pilots and a Chewie & 2 ewoks crew.
    3). AT-AT - lower than the AT-ST in priority mainly due to the price tag it would have.
    4). Desert Skiff - only this high if they made the Sail Barge (doesn't need to be true scale, but to fit all the skiff guards and various prisoners).
    5). Jawa Sandcrawler - again, maybe not to scale, but at least closer than the current one.
    6). Y-wing - I wonder how off scale this is? Don't necessarily need this, but I love the Y-wing

    I would love professional dioramas/playsets of certain Star Destroyer & Tantive IV enviromental sets, but I believe the actual ships would NEVER be made in a close enough scale to make it worth it (of course, I never thought something like the BMF would come out either). But even if they were made, I definitely couldn't afford the space or cash to buy them. The rest, I have almost no interest in.
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    Thanks to sebillba for the trade!

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    The MTT is a must!

    I'd also like the Neimoidian Shuttle (Both Grievous' and Gunray's versions)

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    This is what I would like to see done and from highest priority to lowest:

    1. Jabba's Sailbarge-Most of us collectors want this, and since its featured prominently in ROTJ it should sell well to kids.
    2. AT-AT-This is another one that would sell, especially if its significantly bigger.
    3. Turbo Tank
    4. Sandcrawler-I didn't mind the OTC version, but this one is really due for resizing. I don't know if Hasbro would do this, since they don't really consider it an iconic vehicle and they had a tough time finding a vendor for the OTC version.
    5. Imperial Landing Craft.

    I agree with Obi-Dad that diorama/playset is the way to go with some of these(blockade runner, star destroyer, death star, etc). These are just too large to make vehicles out of and do the "environment" justice. The blockade runner would just need the hallways or the star destroyer the bridge.

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    Okay here's my take on this:

    New Vehicles (Large) that haven't been made before:

    Blockade Runner: better done as a playset. I would have liked to have seen an Ultra titanium of this instead. Though I did get the action fleet collectors edition from way back, so that suits my need for this just fine. But I would definitely buy a playset of it.
    Star Destroyer: same answer as the Blockade runner. This could easily be split up into a few sets. That would help the collector's wallet instead of having to pay hundreds for a big set. Though that's a risk Hasbro doesn't seem yet willing to make-unless you believe the eluded to rumor by Adam May from GH during his visit to LFL-when talking to "Derek the toy guru."
    Jabba's Sailbarge (very possible): Absofreakin'loutely! This is one of those that I've said time and again could double as not just a ship and playset, but a toy chest of sorts. put some inconspicuous wheels under it and it's golden. This along with the Turbo tank are my next most wanted vehicles.
    TurboTank: Did you just read my Sailbarge entry? copy/paste here...heh heh.
    Republic Cruiser: If we're talking the Venator class ship seen in ROTS, no, no need. An ultra Titanium would suffice my needs. I love the design, but other than Obi talking with the clones of the Emperor/Vader scene seen at the end, it doesn't hold much merit to warrant a playset.
    Invisible Hand: While I like the design of this ship and there are some good scenes on it, I would rather have it as a playset. Make it the bridge, Room where Palatine is being held and the saber fight occurs, one hallway and maybe the hangar and I'd buy it. This could be done as one set. Doesn't have to be huge either. Would like an ultra titanium of this one though!
    Imperial Landing Craft: meh, never really liked the design of this. Reminds me too much of a duck and the wings seem to be disjointed and in the wrong place to me. PASS

    Old Vehicles that could be redone:

    AT-AT: Hell's yeah, this needs a serious upgrade like the Falcon got. It needs to be MUCH bigger!
    Imperial Shuttle: No, the one we have is good enough.
    Queen's Royal Starship: Heck no. The one we have is Awesome!
    Sith Infiltrator: Oh yes, this should have been much bigger to begin with. I never bought it and then later it was given to me as a gift. I personally wouldn't have wasted the money on this. To this day it still sits in the box.
    Jawa Sandcrawler: Like the Sailbarge and Turbo tank, this would be a perfect opportunity to make it a rolling toychest/playset/vehicle. I tyhink it's a no brainer. Most of the innards can be hollow to allow for storing toys. Some electronics would be nice, but aren't neccessary. I'd say have the front panel flip down with a small area to interact with figures, and the cockpit on on top to place some Jawas inside.
    Republic Gunship - no, I think the one we have is excellent. Hasbro just needs to reissue the MOVIE ACCURATE one again. I still want 3-4 more of that one!! Now they could do the AT-TE dropship which utilizes much of the same parts as the Gunship...
    Y-wing-no way, the one we have fills the bill nicely.
    B-wing-no here as well, I like the one we have-just sell it cheaper and I'd pick up 2-3 more. I'm not paying $40 for it-well except for this new one...damn I'm flip flopping...heh heh
    TIE Interceptor-Nope, the one we have is good enough
    TIE Bomber-same as Interceptor
    AT-ST: This needs a redesign. Should be a bit bigger and should most definitely fit two drivers as well as accommodate two Ewoks and Chewie.
    Desert Skiff: No, I rather like this design. Yes, it's a little small, but think of it this way, if Hasbro made the Sailbarge to scale with the current skiff we'd be more likely to get it, rather than scaling the skiff correctly, then either having an undersized (in relation) Sailbarge, or a too big to produce sailbarge.

    I still desperately want the TX-130 Saber Tank done. Rumor has it that it's in the show or movie. LEGO is already making one so can Hasbro be too far behind? It's has at least 1 or 2 repaint possibilities, so it seems an obvious choice for Hasbro. Guess it's going to depend on it's role in the cartoon...

    I'll have to think about other ships/vehicles.

    One thing to note, the large sized TIE fighter should never be priced higher than $25 ever again. Package this pup disassembled to make a smaller box.

    I'll post more later as I have time to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post
    One thing to note, the large sized TIE fighter should never be priced higher than $25 ever again. Package this pup disassemble to make a smaller box. -Sal
    Amen, brother!
    Ex-wife to me in the toy aisle: "Why do I sense we've picked up another plastic lifeform?"

    Thanks to sebillba for the trade!

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    What Sal said.

    Sal rocks.
    To those that like to critize me, I say: It is a lot easier to say something critical than it is to say some thing while tied up and in my trunk. - Jack Handy

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    one ship that should be re-done smaller is the A-wing, the current one is WAY too big, it should be more like a JSF size as it is a TINY ship in the films

    they're like waist-high in the film practically
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mabudonicus View Post
    they're like waist-high in the film practically
    Well - you're waist high. So there!
    To those that like to critize me, I say: It is a lot easier to say something critical than it is to say some thing while tied up and in my trunk. - Jack Handy

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    Quote Originally Posted by pegger View Post
    What Sal said.

    Sal rocks.

    I know you're just buttering me up though for the AT-TE, heh heh. J/K
    Move along, move along


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