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    Here's the problem, the philly is a great sandwich there, but it's not impressive like the torta-bread sandwiches, and it doesn't have the roughage needed to keep con-goers alive. Solution? Get the philly 1 day and do a make-your-own the other day (or 3rd option, go to the con more than 2 days, or 4th option, sandwich for lunch and philly for dinner). But don't get the premades, there's no fun in that, just next time don't go with Tycho who took forever to leave the convention center despite knowing we were on a friggin' schedule.
    We actually left the convention center right after his last call to you. The problem was that he stopped at the Hilton to use the restroom. Only now I know this but I didn't know that day that the deli was just around the corner from the Hilton. Otherwise I would've just gone ahead to order and then find you guys.

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    Tycho left 10 minutes after we did though, and then he made that stop. And you should have remembered that deli from last year! Seriously, you GOTTA get a cellphone.
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