Well, having spent 2.5 hours going through the SDCC schedule and calendaring in the stuff that needs to be done and such, we've found that Friday is just not likely to work because Hasbro's (very short) Star Wars/Indy panel is at 1, Sansweet's SW overall panel is at 4, and Steve and Tycho and I have schedule conflicts all over the place that day.

However, Thursday looks really open after the Sideshow panel. Steve and Tycho have plans in the late afternoon, but free time between. UNFORTUNATELY, Steve's schedule just got a little tighter, an appointment at 1, so we're going to do our lunch on the lawn after the Sideshow panel and then Steve's appointment, on Thursday, around 2pm to 4 or "question mark?".

Last year we hit this awesome sandwich shop and then ate on this nice lawn just across the street from the convention center. Assuming the lawn isn't occupied, we could do the same this year.

Hope to see you guys there!