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    The Legacy Collection poster: new figures

    There you go. It looks more like a 2008 figure poster, though. It shows TLC waves three and four, confirming the rumor lists.

    My opinion? Why, of course:
    I'm disappointed somewhat in the Saleucami Trooper, since I already got a Legends Neyo to ride the second bike and now I see I didn't need to, since I'll end up getting this guy for the droid part.
    I hope Yaddle and Even are more interesting or different, but they can go with the other standing Jedi in my setup either for Qui-Gon's funeral or the celebration.
    The engineer is boring, but I'll take one.
    Holo Dooku (is his lightsaber painted?), Jodo Kast, and the Coruscant clone all look great, though.
    I at first thought Faie was Keller again, but he just looks like him . . . they can work together.
    Stass Allie looks good, but I hope it's more than just the BARC speeder figure again.
    Grievous looks too short and bulky. Hopefully he'll be good, and have a cape.
    I like Bail, but I would have rather had the one in the outfit that he wears when he meets Breha. Still, very nice.
    Breha and FX-6 look pretty awesome.
    I love the silver RA-7, but do we need another black one? Well, hopefully he won't be as copper as the 1998 one.

    This is about what I expected to see. I want better pictures from Comic-Con, though.
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    aint sayin nuffin til I see better picures

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    &%$N it! Why do we finaly get a silver 'death star droid' and I'll have to buy four or five figures I don't want to get him?

    Lets see . . . either one of the R4 droids looks cool and Id like to . . . oh wait. Those are biuld a droid too . . .

    Ok . . . so the new Darth Vader, FX-6 and . . . that's it. Out of all the figures shown, those are the only two I'll wind up buying. The one . . . I think it's a storm trooper of some kind with a hood on looks interesting, but I'll have to wait till I see him in person before making a decision on that one.

    Don't get me wrong, the line up at least at a glance looks good. I know a lot of these figures either needed re-sculpts or were ones other people wanted. It's just other than the two I mentioned and one or two maybe's depending on what they look like and if I have the cash on hand, The other only ones I realy want that are shown on the poster, I already have.

    And I truly do like the biuld a droid concept. I think a pack in 'free figure' after buying four or six purchases is an added bonus. I just hate that they are just about the only figures I'm interested in so far. So I'll have to pass on them until I see them on E-bay for a reasonable price.

    And since I bet I'm not the only one who will have a simliar feeling, I bet compatition for them will be high for some time.

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    I figure I will get about 15 of these figures. Not a whole lot to get excited about though.
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    I will laugh so hard if Yarna ends up being a pegwarmer on par with Malakili, Jerjerrod, or that Neimoidian senator...

    BoShek's comment above fits me to a T.
    I predict that the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film will include the word "and." Multiple times.

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    Is that a death star gunner again in the bottom row? Where the hell did that come from? I think I can pass on most of those. I was initially stoked about those clone wars figures but with all the 1/6th stuff I'm buying now I think I finally have to quit PT and other modernday star wars. If I can do that its going to be an easy year on the star wars front since there aint much OT on offer in the legacy collection.

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    Yarna, Bane, Lancer Droid, GG, Bail & Breha Organa, and FX-6 are the only real "must haves" for me.

    I don't know if this has been brought up elsewhere, but there's the potential for alot of theft from this BAD series. The same thing was said about the holos and coins and it ended up not being much of a problem. But since we're talking about a figure that unscrupulous individuals could sell on E-bay for a premium, it seems logical to expect this to be a problem this time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devo View Post
    Is that a death star gunner again in the bottom row?
    You know, I kinda liked him when he came out before so I got one ALREADY. He looks like the same figure to me, and he could be found around here right up until two months ago. He wins the award for best figure to pegwarm from me.

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    I thought he could have been better. The arms were a bit long and skinny but not enough to warrant another redo. Just did a zoom on the text at the bottom of the poster - I think it says he's an Imperial Engineer and 'Star wars Battlefront', could be wrong. That explains why there appears to be an OT character randomly stuck in with EU and PT stuff.

    The deleted scene Han has taken a turn for the worse hasn't he. VOTC stick legs yet again. Unless the head sculpt looks exactly like harrison ford, which I doubt, this is now an easy pass..and probably the luke aswell since I hate the TAC figure with a vengeance. Might still get chewie, though i'd be hoping more for a hoth chewie using that headsculpt and POTF2style snow paint rather than the speckles they go for these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I will laugh so hard if Yarna ends up being a pegwarmer on par with Malakili, Jerjerrod, or that Neimoidian senator...

    BoShek's comment above fits me to a T.
    i saw yarna tonight and it did nothing for me. so far, i'm going for the scubatrooper and the ewoks...liked the snowbunny padme on the poster too. going to try and get a bad fig on ebay or something when the newness wears off.


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