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    Ghost in the shell.

    right here's the thing. just begun watching Anime stuff and need some info. have seen some of Gilgamesh and though it's laboriously slow and plodding I'll wade through it to the end but a mate of mine wants to start watching ghost in the shell and neither of us can fathom out what order to watch the DVDs in.

    have looked on the net and it all gets really confusing coz well, most of the people who write about it are uber geeks and try to come off all superior.

    does anyone know the order these DVD's are supposed to be watched in and exactly how many there are? is there even a chronology or is it all just a bit of a mess?

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    not one single reply!? how rude. screw it then I'l just go watch invader zim instead

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    I'd help, but I've only seen the first movie.
    That's my jacket!

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    That's because I didn't see this post this morning.

    Unfortunately, I also can not help you. I would try watching the movie though. It's preaty good.

    Or rather, it's one of those movies you will either absolutly love, or absolutly hate.

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    well I shall be watching a load more Gilgamesh this weekend, hoping it makes sense.

    unless my fwend has already bought GITS I might give it a miss. i'm losing patience with stories that drag on and on and seem to go nowhere.

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    I think the order is:

    Ghost in the Shell (movie)
    Ghost in the Shell II: Innocence (movie)
    Stand alone complex
    SAC 2nd Gig

    Since you are watching Gilgamesh and Ghost in the shell you might also might also enjoy Basilisk and Ninja Scroll. Has the same level of maturity.

    Gantz is good, but brutal - most intense anime I've seen.

    Full Metal Panic is a mech series like Gilgamesh, but is a bit more light-hearted.

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    cool. my fwend brought the two movies so i guess we'll start there.

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    The movie is so obscure I don't think it really matters when you watch it. Though I would watch it in released order that preacher mentioned.

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    thanks. my friend just moved 200 miles so is a lot closer to me, once he has unpacked and set up his pad we'll get into watching this stuff in earnest. it'll be cool to just sit back and watch instead of wrestling with flatpack furniture and moving the furniture from one place to the next while he tries to decide where to put everything....


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