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    Evolutions Padme

    Scored one of these sets this morning at a local K-Mart. They had the small vehicles in the new packaging, as well as this and the re-packaged Fett and Sith Evo sets. Very nice piece, although I do wish the AOTC Padme had been a different outfit, like the "Leia Hairbuns" style. This lets me worry about only the legacy figs and the Falcon next week - and one less thing to bother with is always good in those crowds.

    Looked like these were the only "Clone Wars" items out. The figure peg was bare, which "could mean" someone got to the new figs already, but they've been bare in that store for weeks now, and considering they had two Amidala sets on the shelf, no scalper would have taken the figs and left that set. The only other brand new item was the Torrent Starfighter, although aside from *maybe* the Falcon, I'm avoiding the vehicles.
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    does anyone know what the white robe is for ? this is the one accessory that at least to me makes no sense. any help would be appreciated
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    I was confused too, but then I looked into it online and the general consensus is that it's Padme's birthing gown. I guess it was Hasbro's attempt to give us two ROTS Padmes in one shot, although in order to display both of them you'd have to buy two Padme evolution sets. For further nitpicking, Padme's hair didn't look like that during the birth scene.
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