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    Cool POTF Coin Variations.....

    If you get a chance, take a look at the Collector's Archive page:

    Collector's Archive Guide to Coins

    Cool to see what coins have different logos on them. Who knows, you might have a variation coin with a different logo on it. I read over the article, then looked at my Jawa Coin. Cool to find that it had the POTF2 Logo and not the regular Star Wars logo. Best $15.00 that I have spent lately. A cool checkout if you are into coins.

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    Very cool, I have to go check out all my coins.
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    But that "POTF2" name on the different logo is confusing. Sounds too much like the 1995-1998 Hasbro SW line. I would've used POTFb or something. I have only 1 loose POTF coin (Lando: General), so I can't check too many.
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    Yeah, I too have only 1 coin, Han Solo Carbon Freeze. No variations

    One of the local dealers has a complete set of all the POTF, Droids, Ewoks coins. By complete, I mean everything released on cards.

    I didn't know there were soooo many variations on the coins. Stormtrooper Luke with or without eyes?!?!

    Guess I'm still a rookie when it come to the vintage stuff.
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