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    What do you think of the Sarlaac Pit Playset?

    In the multipack coverage over at RS, they already have a picture up of the re-release of the skiff with Lando, Han, Luke, Weequay, and Boba Fett and it comes with a sand-pit base with the Sarlaac beak and tenticles in it.

    It's about what I'd expect, but I'm not thrilled. A larger, flatter sand environment on the perimeter of the sarlaac beak might have been cooler, where you could more envision a future sailbarge toy that also pulls up to it.

    It CAN be done with this, but whatever. Plus, I already have all of the figures they've included.
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    Holy crap!!! It looks like it'll be a $60 Ultimate Battle Pack. That set is beautiful, even if the figures are mostly old. I really didn't expect that.
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    What a cool surprise! I think it could have been a lot better, but imagine that this is the best we could ever get. I think it is neat and will probably buy it. I am really excited about it and the homestead playset. After 25+ years it is about time!

    Funny how they denied and denied and denied playsets as possible in the Q&As. Bring on a cantina booth and table! Bring on Jabba's throne!

    I hope the mouth is removable so you could do a pre-Special Edition Sarlaac, but I'd be surprised.

    Does anybody know if we probably won't see the cantina figures until after Hasbro's presentation on Friday or should we expect pictures of the cantina figures tonight? That is the thing I want to see most.

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    I've been waiting for one of these for 25 years. Thank you hasbro! I was mad at all the lack of OT in '08 but this has made up for it. Wow! I'm beside myself.
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    I think it's interesting that Hasbro sounded so against exploring this as a possibility when in reality they were in the process of making it happen! Those sly devils. Anyway, I think it looks great. Would've liked there to have been more long tentacles, but for what you get plus the skiff I think it'll be a great and popular set! Pote Snitkin wouldve been a nice inclusion as well.

    I am also a little disappointed that the cantina figures weren't shown yet. But I'll bet hasbro just wants to save the best for last. Can't wait to see how Dice Ibegon turned out!
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    I like it! I'm too lazy to make dioramas so this would be the next best thing.

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    Seeing as how I never opened my skiff the first time around, this may end up being a good thing. The photo doesn't exactly show how the skiff and Sarlaac base are supposed to interact. That skiff hot glued to a box behind the pit doesn't exactly sell the concept.

    I dunno... I'll wait 'till this one shows up to decide. Mostly I'm curious to see in person how it looks. (It almost looks as if the Sarlaac is living in a giant loaf of bread, but I'm sure it's just the photo angle. )

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    That would be "Wonder Bread."
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    It looks cool but what will I do with another skiff ?(already have 2). That was by no means a complaint.
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    It's a very cool surprise - but I'm not paying $60 (plus shipping) for it.

    Same with the Lars Homestead.
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