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    Preorders for the Toy Fair Vader should start this coming Monday.

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    Good, cause I want one!

    Bring it on Hasbro!
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    THAT certainly didn't take very long!
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    YES! Now I don't have to pay ebay prices for the one Vader I'm missing. How much is it going to be?
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    The chumps that bought it on eBay are gonna be GONK!ing mad!

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    The thing is, how many can they possibly be getting? I hope I get one.
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    It could just be a pre-order as well, but I definatly will be awake bright and early monday morning to order myself one. Can't wait to get one of these to open and display by my computer.

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    Can't see the point of this to be honest. If it had been a totally new figure with tons of articulation and features then I'd have been poking you in the eye to get one. I never understood the carded variant collectors at all. Just a sap and their money parted as far as I can see. Why is a metalised figure so exciting? I'm totally baffled by the fuss this has caused. And it is very amusing that there are people willing to pay so much for one on EBAY and then there's the fanclub churning hundreds out. Deary deary me.......

    Now when hasbro get round to chucking out a decent figure that we haven't had six million resculpts of I'll get excited. I suppose the next fanclub thing will be the AOTC preview figures that are supposed to be in lmited quantities turning up in a years time by the millions at half the price. Aren't there laws about that sort of trading? What I'd give to be a fly on the wall at hasbro HQ. listening in as they plan all their rip off scams designed to part the gullible from their money.
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    I tried to verify this but the Fan Club nor Hasbro could NOT confirm... I tried several people as well...
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    Originally posted by DARTH DUBIOUS C I never understood the carded variant collectors at all. Just a sap and their money parted as far as I can see. [/B]
    You must not understand collecting. After you have collected all the available figures it gets a little boring,so collecting variations and errors livens things up and if you have the money why not collect something that you enjoy. If you plan on coming to these forums and criticising other collectors don't bother posting replies.
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