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    Thumbs up Marvel Universe - 3 3/4" Figures!!

    We've been hearing teases and whispers of the line for a long time. And JediTricks said it was ok to start a new 3 3/4" Marvel thread once there was some actual information about this line. Since it had cross-appeal with the G.I. Joe collectors. And somewhat with the Star Wars and Indiana Jones collectors. Of course Superheroes fit a bit more comfortably in with G.I. Joe. But I'm pumped. I love the 3 3/4" scale, so this is a day long anticipated.

    We'll find out more at the panel today, but it appears the first wave (or two?) will be made up of 9 figures. Listed on the new Fury Files website which ties into the new 3 3/4" figure line was 9 figures. 4 of them with "Top Secret Fury Files" and 5 more that are still "classified". Here's the line-up we know at the moment. And we'll likely hear more firm plans once the website comes back up from being updated and after the SDCC panel.

    Note: Early information suggested there would be 2 waves of 6 to kick things off.

    Wave 1? - Profiles Available
    Spider-Man -
    Iron Man -
    Punisher -
    Silver Surfer -

    Wave 2? - Profiles "Classified"
    Human Torch
    Black Panther

    The Video on Fury Files indicates the line is coming in Spring of 2009.
    More Info will be Available after the Hasbro/Marvel Panel at 2:30 - 3:30.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Ouch. Their Web site is down right now. (I'll bet the load was just a little high. )

    Very cool! I'm really into this idea, and though I've come to love the 6-inch Marvel figures, I'm excited to see what they've got in mind.

    Have to check back later I suppose...

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    I'd buy a lot of 3 3/4 DC figures, but I'm not into Marvel.

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    News from Cool Toy Review on the line...
    Q: WHAT ABOUT THE 3-3/4" line???
    A: it's a setup....they showed off a grat video clip, and then answered HELL YES We're doing it!!

    MARVEL UNIVERSE will be the central location for the's going to be HUGE!!

    Nick Fury is the central character, recruiting various heroes to help fight of the Skrull invasion. S.H.I.E.L.D. cards will be included with the figures.

    Figures include:
    - Iron Man!
    - Spider-Man
    - Silver Surfer
    - Punisher
    - Black Panther
    - Daredevil
    - HUman Torch (Johnny Storm variant)
    - Iron Man (Stealth Armor)
    - Wolverine (X-Force costume)
    - Ultimate Captain AMercia
    - Green Goblin
    - Hulk
    - Grey Hulk
    - Black Spider-Man
    - Ms. Marvel (with classic variant)
    - Hobgoblin
    - & many more (I'll list them later....too fast to keep up)!

    Frank Cho worked on the packaging. Toy Biz and Gentle Giant have also helped out with the designs and sculpts.

    Q: How many Marvel Universe figures will there be?
    A: 35 figures planned for 2009, possibly more. Maybe vehicles down the road.

    Q: Will the new line include a BAF concept, more to scale?
    A: Is that's something you would like to see? Actually, they are open to differnt scales.

    Q: What about Deadpool?
    A: Deadpool is one of Hasbro';s favorites.

    Q: Will we see the Young Avengers in toy form?
    A: They are playing a bigger role, so it's possible.

    Q: Will we see more rare characters?
    A: We can go deep with the's all-new (even Stryfe!)

    Q: Great choices for the 3-3/4" line...will there be comic packs?
    A: Seems like a no-brainer, doesn't it?

    Q: Will the 3-3/4" figures will have pegholes to help them stand?
    A: Yes

    Q: Can they cross-populate with other toy lines?
    A: Fans can play with all of them.

    Oh, the figures are going to be in the Hasbro booth tomorrow! SWEET!
    From Marvelous News:
    3/4 line is coming in the Spring of 2009!

    The new line is tied into the Shield has been taken over. Who do you trust? The website should be live now. It will expand over time. The user will become a Shield agent.

    This will be a big multi-media launch.

    Each figure will include a Top Secret file card.

    Articulation is a key to Marvel Legends so the 3 3/4 figures will be fully poseable. Figures will include acessories, such as Sufer's board, Goblin's Glider and Punisher's guns.

    Iron Man, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Punisher, Blackk Panther, Bulls-Eye, Daredevil, Human Torch and variant Johnny Storm, Stealth Armor Iron Man, X-Force Wolverine, Hulk, Ronin, Iron Fist, black costume Spider-Man, troop building Hand ninjas, classic Iron Man, Ms.Mmarvel and classic variant, Thing and a mail away figure of Nick Fury based on Jesse Falcon, Hobgoblin, Moon Knight, Ultimate Nick Fury, Ultimate Captain America, Grey Hulk, Union Jack with guns, Thor and Colossus were shown.

    The detailing looks great and so does the paint apps. The slides of the figures shown were the actual 3 3/4 versions, not two ups.

    There are no immediate plans for vehicles or playsets in the 3 3/4 line, but that is a logical step in the future.

    Hasbro is also considering larger figures in the 3 3/4 scale, like Sentinels and Galactus.

    Some of the 3 3/4 figures will have double jointed knees.

    All those 3 3/4 figures shown represent about half of a years release. The figures will be shown tomorrow, Saturday, at SDCC.

    Every wave of 3 3/4 figures will have a mix of a-list and b-list characters.

    Comic packs will probably be coming down the line for the 3 3/4 line. 3 3/4 will have peg holes for stands.

    Retailers set the prices but it will be similar to Star Wars pricing.

    2 packs will be at Walmart and TRU and comic shops.

    More images from the Hasbro booth will be available later today and tomorrow.
    Bunch of pictures here:

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    I am all over these. I will support this line with every nickel I have. Star Wars is going bye-bye for awhile once these come out, because after I get the Falcon, I'm pretty much done on Star Wars. Ain't much left to mine on that property.

    MARVEL, on the other hand, is getting the 3.75" treatment at precisely the right moment in toy history.

    I'm flat out giddy about these. Best news of the Con so far.

    EDIT: I mean, are you kidding me? This is basically the Punisher I have always wanted:
    Attachment 17850

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    It's a great day for Marvel fans. I hope we'll get vehicles as well.

    Here's the current confirmed characters list. This is drawn from pictures and panel mentions.

    The line will launch with an exclusive mail-away of Nick Fury.

    Black Panther
    Green Goblin
    Hand Ninjas
    Human Torch (Flamed-On)
    Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
    Incredible Hulk (Green)
    Incredible Hulk (Grey)
    Iron Fist (Modern)
    Iron Man (Classic - Red/Gold) - Interchangable Original and Bolted Facemask heads?
    Iron Man (Stealth Armor)
    Iron Man (Modern)
    Ms. Marvel (1st Appearance)
    Ms. Marvel (Modern)
    Moon Knight
    Punisher (Classic)
    Punisher (Modern)
    Red Hulk
    Silver Sufer
    Spider-Man (Symbiote)
    The Thing
    Thor (Modern)
    Union Jack
    Ultimate Captain America
    Ultimate Nick Fury
    Wolverine (X-Force Costume)

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    So far... I have to say I'm pretty happy with what I'm seeing. The sculpt, articulation, and paint jobs blow away the DCIH line. And they're really offering some pretty unique choices, especially the 1st Appearance figures. The only thing I don't care so far is the lack of many X-Figures. But I'm sure we'll get a bunch once Wolverine and Wolverine and the X-Men starts up in 2009. Across the following links you can see most of the figures.

    CTR's Panel Coverage:
    Marvelous News' Coverage:

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Man... there's almost too much to absorb. It all looks great... and yeah, I've a feeling that the 3 3/4-inch line is going to be a big drain on my wallet.


    Oh hey! Saw three of the wave 1 Legends 2 packs at Wal*Mart today. They had all but the Cap'n America/Nick Fury set, and they looked decent, but not great. (Paint was a bit loose.)

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    Rob from Toymania got to handle the figures up close and posted some observations.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rob
    Hey folks,

    I just had a chance to play with the new Hasbro Marvel 3-3/4" figures and I wanted to chare some initial impressions. They had 4 of them - Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, Punisher and Iron Man. We were able to open all but the Punisher, so I messed around with Spidey, the Surfer and Iron Man.

    One caveat - they are production samples (i.e. from the factory) but early ones, so I don't expect them to differ when they come out. But, early productions samples are usually very carefully controlled, so the paint is going to be perfect on these where once production begins there could be changes.

    The designer behind these at Hasbro is an ex-Toy Biz guy so he has the right mindset to begin with. The figures were packaged and the cards are small but they have a clean and simple design to them. They had little fact cards and such with them.

    The figures are an improvement on the Showdown figures. The joints are tighter and the arms and legs do not come off easily (at all really). They still have the ball-and-socket joints for the shoulders and thighs, but they are using abs plastic vice pvc, so the joints are tighter and stay tight (i.e. they do not come off).

    The figures had double-jointed knees, hinged ankles (Spidey had a ball and socket type ankle that hinged and swivelled), ab sockets (they twisted at the abs not the waist and could bend at the abs), elbow hinges, twisting wrists, ball jointed shoulders, bicep twists and ball-and-socket neck joints.

    They had great range of motion, all had good paint and no stuck or overly loose joints. They are very well sculpted (Dave Cortez, Phil Ramirez and Sam Greenwell worked on these) and the details are great, even with the smaller size.

    The Surfer has pegs to put him on the board (included) but they didn't fit as snugly as I would have liked. I think the hinge for the double joints on the knees was PVC, so it is softer and the SUrfer looked a little bow-legged.

    They seemed to stand okay, but there was a table cloth so I can't really speak for how stable they will be long term is standing on a shelf.

    At first glance, these are better than the Mattel DC figures in terms of sculpting and articulation and detailing/paint. I think they will end up being $2-3 more when they hit retail in March, so this may hurt consumer (kid) sales when they come up if the DC figures stay at $5. Collectors will likely complain and then buy them anyway.

    They are very nice, though. Better than the Showdown figures and they have a good design and play factor to them.

    As a side not, I think someone might have pilfered the Surfer (sans his board) from the little dinner they were at. I don't know who did it, but wouldn't you rather have Spider-Man or Iron Man?


    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Jeez, I feel like I'm monopolizing the thread. But more info from Fwoosh.

    And pictures from the Marvel Universe 3 3/4" display at Hasbro's Booth.

    Some more different angles from Cool Toy Review. Looking good.

    And now a Hands On Report from SamuRon from The Fwoosh. Sound great.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.


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