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    Box Office Results

    When I was out last night, I got to thinking that I'd really like to see Hasbro post some kind of results of how the Falcon & AT-TE sold for the first week. I really don't care to hear about the figures/Evo sets/smaller vehicles, etc (though that would be cool) since I could see the results of that right before my eyes at multiple stores. But, I'd love to hear how we are voting with our dollars on the larger vehicles and if they are happy with rate that they are selling.
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    Sounds like a good question to submit for the q&a.
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    The big stuff isn't moving here. I went to the other WM this morning close to noon and it looked like the Falcons and AT-TEs were untouched. There were only two collectors (including myself) at the other WM here last night and neither of us got the big vehicles.

    The local TRU didn't have any Falcons and only a couple AT-TEs this morning. I didn't go there last night so they may not have had any Falcons. I kinda doubt it given the huge display they have up front for Clone Wars.
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    At the Toys R Us here in Los Feliz, CA -- just east of Hollywood -- the Falcons were flying off the shelves. Not only did all of the ones in the display vanish in minutes. But the employees kept bring out more and more from the back as people snapped them up happily.

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    They'll probably refuse to give sales numbers. As usual.

    And likely won't know immediatly how well they're selling just how many went out.

    If asked, the most likely answer will be that sales are meeting or exceeding expectations.

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    they have now til fall for units to sell through, then most likely a refresh at christmas. they wouldn't be able to tell for sure til year end most likely.

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    I counted five Falcons in the island display last night (unless they are double stacked, then it would be 9). I went back today and not a single one has sold.

    They might have sold one AT-TE, I'm not sure, they might have just moved one over to the toy aisle, since there was one sitting there this afternoon.

    The figures are moving pretty quickly.
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    Figures are moving pretty quickly in my area as well. My local Wal-Mart was out of Wave 2 Legacy by this morning, and almost out of Clone Wars. I bought the Falcon then, and it looked like I was the only one who bought any vehicle whatsoever from there. Likewise, at Target many of the Legacy figures were gone and there were mostly clone wars figures on the pegs. There was an abundance of the exclusive Commander Fox figure, but due to the price I guess people were passing on him.

    Interesting thing is that last night there were no Evolutions to be found, but today there were tons of them. Rebel Pilots 1 and Fett Legacy seem to be the shelf warmers. There were far less Padme and Rebel Pilots 2 sets, and no Imperial sets whatsoever.
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    My local TRU got in about 20 Falcons and at the end of MM, there were only 3 left. So that was excellent news.

    As well they got in about a dozen AT-TEs and there were only 2-3 of those left.

    So at least at my store, these were a resounding success.

    I think it's just going to take a couple of days, once word of mouth hits that new SW stuff is out and kids/parents alike will be out to find it.

    We collectors (and some smart kids with understanding parents) score the booty last night. Everyone else has their shot now, though it's a little harder with lass product to find initially due to our scouring the pegs (again, at least in my area).
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    Southern California is known to be the strongest market for this stuff - I guess because of Hollywood being such a locally strong influence? Or maybe lifestyle and priorities here are different from other regions?

    But the reports from the stores around me in San Diego are that they completely sold out of their orders (Wal-Mart and TRU. I don't know how Target did this morning).

    Granted, Comic Con was going on here and people are just going nuts for this stuff.

    I bought 4 Homing Spiders, 2 Torrents, 2 AT-TEs, and 1 Falcon. I've only opened the Falcon thus far - and it keeps you very busy!

    But the Wal-Mart I shop at was wiped out of the big stuff for certain!

    At Comic Con, the Hasbro Star Wars team said they were very pleased with what they were hearing about the intitial offering.
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