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    Clone Wars Figures One-Eighty

    Way back when I first saw these figures as they were being shown at Toy Fair 2008, I wrote them off as cartoony and not my style. I held that opinion until about noon on Saturday when, after getting my Legacy fill (most of Wave 2 and the BMF) I went back to a TRU to look for a Mon Cal Warrior. Needless to say, they were all gone. Having some extra cash, I looked at the Legacy Wave 1, was left uninspired, then picked up an Obi-Wan Clone Wars figure. I thought why not. Got home, opened it, and was back in the car 2 hours later on my way to Target, where I picked up two clones, Commander Fox, R2-D2 and Greivous. Was officially hooked. Will be off to get an Anakin and Battle Droid tonight.

    Can't wait for the next few waves now -- especially C-3PO, Ahsoka, Dooku and Oddball, then the Padme and Clone Space Trooper. Call me a flip-flopper, but I just love the look of these little dudes.

    Anyone else change their tune?

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    I knew there would be a couple out of the CW line I would want, but when Saturday came along I ended up purchasing some extras that I had not intended to.

    I originally only wanted Grievous, Obi-Wan, and R2. Well I ended up getting those plus all the other ones.....once I had them in my hands and could decide for myself, I caved.
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    I haven't jumped on the clone wagon just yet. I did buy animated R2 during MM with the intention of getting 3PO later, and then call it quits.

    However, I am interested in getting Ahsoka since I think she comes with the Huttlet. And I usually buy Padme figures, so I'll get her too.

    I bought all the previous animated CW figures but generally passed on the realistic versions Hasbro made. I only bought Snowbunny Padme from the second wave of Legacy. It was tough to pass on the SCUBA trooper, since a naval/marine trooper is kinda unique in the SW universe. I did have the SCUBA, Quarren, and Calamari figs in my basket but put them back.
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    I am only going to get R2-D2 and C-3PO for the animated style, then I'm calling it quits on those. I don't think they look as bad as people thought they would (especialy in person) but I still feel they don't match the rest of my collection. It also just makes it a little easyer to pass on a few more figures a year since I will have to do this due to the higher price point per figure as well as inflation on other necessary purchases.

    I will say that I do like them more now that I'v seen them in person. I originaly absolutly hated them, but now I think they are a cool but not for me type of thing.

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    i flipped on my opinion of them too. i don't pay any attention to any of the photo threads, so i didn't know what they'd look like. i was just gonna write them off as being animated figs, but they look realistic enough that i've purchased all but yoda (something bout his eyes just creeps me out).

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    I might change my tune on a couple, but for now I just bought the Legacy figures minus Han Chewy and Luke.

    Since I was unable to do Midnight Madness, and finally did my shopping today, I did notice an over-abundance of animated figures, and at least two Walmarts and three Targets were out of every Legacy figure give or take a Han, Luke or Chewy, and of course many Legends. I finally found everything I wanted when I drove a few miles out of town.

    I never saw an animated Grievous anywhere though.

    Things might pick up for the animated style once the movie hits, but I think it's the collectors who are cleaning out the new Legacy figures.
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    I'm the opposite of you guys. Originally I thought I'd be a completist for this line but I didn't really like Grievous (head too small) when I saw him so I passed. For the next wave, I'll pass on Dooku as I like the previous CW animated version better

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    Having seen them in person, I'm not feeling any better about them. Except for C-3PO and R2-D2, who look quite good. Luckily, those are two one can have without getting any other figures in the line.
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    I really like the style of these figures, but I'm trying to cut back. If they were going to run for just one or two waves, I might've been tempted to get them, but as they'll be ongoing for a while, it's better I just pass on them from the start. I did buy Yoda though, and he turned out to be one of my favourite figures I bought on Saturday.
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    The Obi-Wan in Clone armor is really nice and I think it beats the crap out of the Legacy verison. I will get R2. I almost bought Rex today
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