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    I found some of these at Wal-Mart yesterday!

    Many of them had bent cards (probably some HATER). Though I did manage to find a couple that were in mint condition. I bought one, it is the first SW figure I have bought in almost 2 years now. I have seen plenty of the other figures, many with "1st Day" least for now.
    Maybe there was a problem with the shipment of those. Because I was there when the lady first put them out and 60-70% of them all had bent cards as well. I got 3 that are in top notch condition.

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    These figures are still overflowing at my Wal-Mart. I bought four today, because I've decided to start filling out my AT-TE and I decided they would be perfect for those four seats behind the cockpit (since they are clean, it makes sense that they would be working inside the AT-TE and not outside with all the dirty white Clones).
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    The AT-TE gives me a bone bone, but it's a $100, and if I spend $100 most likely it will be on Star Wars lego ships. A lot more satisfying to build those. Plus with the figures I have my thing of buying 2 of everything. Then again it would take up a lot of useless space and kind of pointless to buy 2 AT-TE's and leave one in the box.

    Plus right now my financials are in shambles. It takes me 3-4 months now to make what I used to in a week 2 years ago. I need to make it happen, cuze this ain't workin.


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