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    What's Up With C3po's Legs?

    I don't know if this is purposely suppose to be like this. But has anyone noticed that C3PO's legs are different colors? Of course I'm talking about the newest one, where he's sitting in the chair made of branches by Ewoks.

    Anyhow his left leg is a little silverish and the joint inside is clearly silver. Then the right leg is definately gold and the joint is clearly gold and darker than the left leg. Every C3PO I've seen is exactly like this. Someone lace me up and let me know the deal. Gracias.

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    It's movie-accurate, he really has a silver leg in the OT.
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    Thanks for puttin me up on that. I thought I was gonna have to bust out the movie for a minute. I didn't want to wake my birds, goin through there, so gracias.

    It's funny I first saw these movies when I was a youngster around 8-10 years old. Watched them a few more times, but then never saw them again until a few months ago. Plus the new 3 episodes. It was like I never saw the other 3 either. I got hooked instantly for some reason.

    In a matter of fact it was after they aired the triolgy on SPIKE. I went and bought all of em as well, haha. I always say its pretty funny I went through my whole childhood without one Star Wars toy, that I know of. Now I'm adult and I'm hooked like an eight year old on crack. Crazy.

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    To which Hasbro replies evilly, "Everything is going as planned."
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