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    Rarest new figs. in your area

    For some reason the one I have the hardest time finding is the single Padme. The only place I've seen her so far is Target, and they are always damaged to hell there. Of course I'm picky about my boxes, haha.

    Anyhow they always have at least 10 Padme Evolutions and even Fett Legacys. But for some reason I can't find the Sith Legacy anywhere at all. If I knew it would disapear like that I would have bought 2 of them last weekend. Because of course I need to open 1 box.

    Also I've been seeing the battle packs like crazy. I considered the Hoth Recon, not bad for $20. But the same exact Han Solo is in the Wal-Mart exclusive DROID FACTORY. The Chewy looks similar and the droids were decent, but nothing special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAA_707 View Post
    Also I've been seeing the battle packs like crazy. I considered the Hoth Recon, not bad for $20. But the same exact Han Solo is in the Wal-Mart exclusive DROID FACTORY.
    They're not exactly the same - DF Han has a blue coat, Hoth Recon Han has a brown coat.
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    In Texas nothing is rare...we literally have a walmart every six miles apart from each other!
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    The Evolutions sets are literally non-existent in my area. I don't think the Wal-Marts here even ordered them, because I haven't seen a single one.

    That's ultimately a good thing for me personally, since I only wanted Ten Nunb from RP1 and the Keyan Farlander from RP2, so I bought them individually on Ebay and only spend half of what it would cost if I had bought the two sets in the store.
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    Nothing here in southern MS is particularly hard to find, though TRU is the only place I've seen the BMF. The AT-TE was at both TRU and Target, but not the WM I went to.

    No figures seem to be rare, though I have yet to see Rebel Pilots Evolutions w/the Farlander person.

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    The Imperial Pilots Evolutions set seems to be the one thats rare around here.

    The Hoth Recon is a fast mover and a real nice set. Seems to be harder to find as the days go on.

    Plenty of everything else, even Padme single card, though she was hard to find the first couple of days.
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    The second wave of Legacy (CW Scuba, Squid, etc) seemed to move pretty quick...the only place left here to have 'em is the over-priced KB.

    Never saw that Imp Pilot Evo pack...plenty of Fett packs in the new box (sidenote on that...weren't those supposed to be the "corrected" version with the Boba having the chest emblem? All of the ones I've seen have the same emblem-free version that the previous sets had)

    Our WM sold out of the AT-TE quickly but has a HUGE stack of BMFs (as does TRU)

    And PLENTY of the first wave of CW at all three places...

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    Other than re-released figures, the only common figure here is the clone trooper from the cartoon line.

    EVERYTHING else has sold out, save a few of the large vehicles.

    The pilot evolition sets (both versions of the rebel set and the imperial set) have yet to be seen by me in person. I may have to resort to E-bay to get the ones I want from that as well.

    Aside for some of the figures in the rebel pilot sets, the biuld a droids, and C-3po from the animated line and FX-6 (Both of the last two to my knowledge aren't even out yet) I am preaty much done with my shopping for the year.

    Most likely, I'll have to turn to E-bay to get them.

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    There's only one figure from the massive release date I would buy that hasn't been on the pegs/shelves (only time I saw it, it was in the hands of a kid... and that's a good thing, if it'll be played with as a TOY ), and that's SCUBA Clone. For the most part, everything else can be found here.
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    Bane Malar is non-existent, that's what I'm still looking for. Also, the AT-TE and new $20 vehicles are somewhat rare. The Legacy Collection Ewoks are somewhat rare, as is the Scuba Trooper. But everything else is ok.
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