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    BtM and Insiders Guide...?

    Does anybody know how I can get the videos off the Behind the Magic and Ep.1 Insiders Guied cds?

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    I have both and they were gifts.I think they were bought at Wal-Mart.You also might try . Its on the back cover.Hope that helps.

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    I have the cds but I'm just wanting to know how to extract them.

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    TUT TUT TUT! why, that's infringing upon copyright law and is very very naughty. young man, You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking such impure thoughts.....

    ...have you tried using a video manipulation program? First try and discover what the format is on the CD ROM disk by browsing it using windows explorer (if you use windows). that should give you a clue as to what software you will need to record the video clips. Or, try going to where some of the scenes are readily available for download.

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    all the files are compiled in a 000 File. I have a super slow connection so I wouldn't want to take the time to download the files from blueharvest.

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    Another option is a bootleg video commonly available at places like trade fairs and conventions and evilbay. Of course as usual I don't condone the bootlegging of copyrighted material protected by overzealous entertainment industry lawyers, who will sue the little guy for every penny he may have earned if he'd lived to be 6,000 and earned a mill' a week....

    But that's the only option I can think of not relly being in the know about 000 files. My guess is that the files you refer to are coded to deter bootlegging. However, bootleggers will sometimes link other recording equipment to a running PC and record the show via cables that are capable of converting digital data into analogue........


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