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    Exclusive B-wing

    Could someone tell me if there are any differences with this new dagger squadron B-wing as opposed to the old POTJ B-wing? I noticed the new one has a cockpit that rotates 360 degrees. Is that a new feature?

    Also, anyone planning on buying this? I would have bought it if it had a ROTJ paint scheme. We need a new one, hasbro! Maybe they will do the same thing they did with the rancor and release another b-wing in the OT style.
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    The 360 degree rotating cockpit has been a feature of this toy since 1984. It was designed to stay upright no matter how you had the ship oriented, only it worked better on the vintage toy because they used higher quality materials and thicker plastics back then.

    The only reason I would buy this vehicle is for the pilot. I have no use for a non-movie B-Wing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    I have no use for a non-movie B-Wing.
    here... here! and I wouldn't even buy this for the pilot, but wouldn't walk away from a reasonable trade for the pilot. But then again, I won't actively look for a trade for him either.
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    Thanks to sebillba for the trade!

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    I saw this and it was an easy pass. The only ships close to EU I've bought were the Mace Windu, Vader, and Saesee Tiin starfighters.

    I never liked the design of the B-Wing. Just too... ungainly. Looks more like some sort of surgical tool than a starfighter.

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    I too would not buy the new B-wing. I got the POTJ one several years ago, and while I'm trying to get the new B-wing pilot to retire the figure that came with my B-wing (though I may just leave him at the controlls instead and have new kid talking with some of the other pilots. . . havn't decided yet) but I have no use for a new one. the one I have is great. I like the color, AND the fact that the new one dose not look worn out. The 'dirt' on the one i have makes it look a lot better.

    Easy pass, unless I find it insanely cheap.

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    0 interest in this, both ship and pilot. I got the POTJ a few years back and I really don't feel the need to get another one.

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    i got mine at MM cuz i didn't have the old one.

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    In the past, I most likely would have bought this because is looks kind of cool with this color scheme, and for the figure it comes with. However, since I already have the POTJ B-Wing and space is getting short, I have not purchased this. Normally I am a fan of EU, but in this case I can use the fact that it is not in the movie to brand this as non-essential for me to have. I still might decide to get it, but I'll have to order it online because there is no TRU here anymore.

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    Only the paint seems different - though they rejigged the cockpit for the new A-wing so maybe they did something here.

    Likewise only the pilot interests me but I'm not going to buy the ship for him. If the B-wing had had a larger role in ROTJ I probably would have bought it only if it had a film-accurate paintjob but the B-wing and this B-wing particularly has neither of those going for it.

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    I saw this in TRU the other day. I'm just not liking the clean look with blood red accents. This seems to be an ongoing theme with a lot of SW vehicles lately.
    The POTJ is much better paint wise me thinks, and I have that one so I don't need this EU one.
    I wouldn't mind having that pilot though.
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