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    Thumbs up jeddah! i absolutely love you !

    bises upon bises til the end of time for finding this guy!!!!!!!!!

    these are some of the best dayum posts since the posts of jkf (jim fong, lead designer for micro machines in the old days of galoob) on the buzz!

    finally, the 1st answer that makes sense to the question of what da heck happened to distribution of the last classic af's!

    i will think of more questions later, i just wanted to thank you so much jeddah for finding someone from the old days of galoob who's willing to give us a few moments of his time!

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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    This is a great post! Waht a source of information. I can only agree with GSJ and thank you, Jeddah!

    As for the prototype figs, I happen to have a prototype fig of the tie fighter pilot with the George Lucas head and I can confirm that the likeness between the figure and GL is awesome. Also, the details on the suit and the removable helmet are mindblowing and do not match up with the figure that actually came with the tie interceptor at all. The paint job is so good you can count individual hairs in george's moustache.
    Finally, the proto fig is about 10% bigger than the final figure. It is made out of some kind of hard plastic, not ivory, which suggest to me that it must be a cast from a (ivory?) sculpt and there might be more of these around (but I would think not too much more). It has been suggested to me that these proto's where the ones used for the trade shows like toyfair and perhaps for the picture on the back of the box (but mine is not the pic on the back of the box for sure!)

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    thankee, thankee

    ..but I hope he comes to say Hi himself as he's the real treat not moi.


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