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    Exclamation Calling all GalooBBies

    *posts trembling*

    In another forum of which I am a member, I was reading a recent thread where a guy was selling a supercool custom display of his Rebel and Imp AF fleet. He'd used the DS base-plates from the AMT/ERTL TIE display to mount his ships and was now asking what people thought about them.

    Near the bottom of the thread a regular member posted the following;
    Hey! Those are my ships! I worked at Galoob in the good ol' days of Action Fleet, and those are my babies. I still have prototypes of them. You would not believe the level of detail the original models have. The Sandcrawler, Slave 1, and the Millennium Falcon almost make your eyes hurt just looking at them. The Micro Machine protos are even more impressive.

    One year we made an AF scale Death Star trench display for Toy Fair. It was awesome!

    It's up to Hasbro, but new Action Fleet ships and two playsets for Episode 2 have been designed and prototyped. For the most part, the ships are taken directly from the ILM CG models. Hasbro is now going to take a "wait and see" approach to size up the appetite for E2 merchandise before they fully commit to the new line. We busted our *** to get the protos ready for Toy Fair only to have them kept in the conference room (along with the other "on the fence" toys) to show only to the larger buyers. Next thing you know, they'll ship 'em off to the Land of the Misfit Freakin' Toys. Hasbro b******s!
    I have emailed the member and asked them (read "begged") to pop in for a visit to answer some questions... I hope the answer is yes

    *ps:- probably best not to mention my comments on the B-wing and Imp Shuttle*
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