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    Should Hasbro make new figures of Piett, Ackbar, etc or not?

    Nien Nunb
    That Camel Joe lookalike
    Rancor Keeper
    a third Bib Fortuna and get it right this time or just stick with Saga 2 Bib?
    Weequay done super poseable. Tired of seeing released POTF2 Weequays being repainted a little and stuck with the left hand having the palm facing up

    In my personal opinion I think the Piett figure from the POTF2 series is fine as it is even though its outdated. Nien Nunb and Ackbar are the only two that need an update

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    I think that we definitely need a Piett and an Ackbar. It's been far too long since we've had a new Ackbar.
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    I got my Rebel Pilots Evo set yesterday, and now I've got the updated Ten Numb, it really highlights how badly we need a new Nien Nunb.
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    Piett - Not bad (probably the best out of this list), but it's time to get him updated
    Nien Nunb - unless I'm mistaken, a simple repaint of Ten Numb shoud do the trick
    Ackbar - definitely need, maybe not fully SA, but regular knew and elbow joints are needed
    That Camel Joe lookalike - didn't we just get one a few years back?
    Rancor Keeper - this looks worse and worse as the years go by and Hasbro's sculpting improves
    a third Bib Fortuna - not sure
    Weequay - go all out and repaint away.... need the blonde skiff guard.
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    Piett - Imperial officers don't really do much for me. I would pass on this if they ever remade him. The first one was boring enough.

    Nien Nunb - This ones a no brainer. I'm shocked Ten Numb came first but this one shouldn't be far behind.

    Ackbar - also a no-brainer. Hasbro knows we want this one! Give us his command chair too!

    Sealt-Marae (That Camel Joe lookalike) - I can see Hasbro waiting to do this one if they ever bring the Vintage line back (hopefully never) but we need an update regardless.

    Rancor Keeper - This one is as good as we'll ever get i think. I don't see Hasbro putting resources into resculpting a pegwarmer as persistant as this one.

    Bib Fortuna - I think a head re-sculpt is all this one needs. This character is no different essentially than the many "senator" type figures we've gotten so the figure doesn't need to be ultra articulated. The Saga figure was one of the best sculpts in that line, even if he had the worst facial expression possible for the figure.

    Weequay - I honestly thought we'd see this one redone by now. The Sev figure we just got had a headsculpt that was dead on to the Jabba's Skiff Weequay so I assumed a head sharing was going to happen. I guess we'll have to wait and see about this one.

    Other figures that need updated:

    EV-9D9 - She needs an articulation upgrade desperately, and it would be nice if Hasbro gave her an articulated jaw similar to the vintage figure. One that I would buy over many of the above listed.

    Orrimaarko - This figure was awesome for it's time, but it would be great to see him updated. Perhaps in a Endor Rebel Evolutions pack with Nien Nunb and...

    Ishi Tib - This guy deserves a new figure as well. Perhaps Hasbro could give him a name (with Lucasfilm's blessing of course).

    Lak Sivrak - A long shot, since he was cut from his scene in the cantina. It would be good to see him better sculpted and articulated, and maybe he has more of a chance now that his "lover" is getting released next year.

    ASP-7 droid - This was a figure I was excited for years ago, and it was actually pretty tough to find. When I did however, I passed over it in favor of EV-9D9. Mainly because it wasn't that cool looking in person. I think this one needs to be better designed, painted and articulated.

    Sy Snootles - I hated what they did to her design in the special editions. They made her look like a loony toon. Her corresponding figure was decent for its time, but in this day and age its much too pre-posed and more of a statue than anything. Hasbro should actually do a figure based on her pre-special edition appearance, as that's a figure fans might appreciate more.

    Joh Yowza - Let me start off by saying that I hate this character. Regardless of my distaste for him, he is still an energetic creature that jumps and moves around quite a bit. Unfortunately his figure can't do the same.
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    I'm not sure if I would buy a new Admiral Piett, since I'm getting a little bored of getting the same Imperial Officer body just with different heads. However, we do need a new Grand Moff Tarkin and not one that's just a repaint of the Ep3 figure.

    Nein Nunb - Definitely need a new one of him. They could use arms and legs of the new Ten Nunb, but he would need a completely new torso, hands and a retooled head with the cap sculpted on.

    Admiral Ackbar - He's in my top three for most wanted figures. I would like to see him as super articulated as possible.

    Yak Face (or the Joe camel guy) - we haven't seen a new version of him in 11 years, so an update would be nice. He wasn't a great seller back in 1997; but then again he wasn't a great figure either. Hasbro should really go all out, put him in the vintage style line and collectors would go crazy for him.

    Rancor Keeper - the 1997 version looks terrible, but Hasbro would really have to knock a new version out of the park for me to buy it.

    Bib Fortuna - with a soft-goods robe, he'd make a great addition to the vintage style collection.

    Weequay - YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! This figure is horribly outdated and the 1997 version is actually worse looking than the vintage figure. Redo him from scratch, make him super articulated and then make all the other skiff guards while they are at it.

    I'll add a few of my own:

    Gamorrean Guard - another one where I think the vintage figure actually looks better than the modern update. Seeing what Hasbro has done with figures like Yarna, Hermi Odle and Ephant Mon, they could really make this an awesome figure. This guy is actually #2 on my list of most wanted figures (Kithaba is number 1).

    Rebo Band - everyone has forgotten the special editions already, so just make a high quality 1983 version of the band and be done with it... and give Sy Snootles back her headdress and boobs while they are at it.

    Oola - hopefully the rumors are true and we're getting a new one of her next year. Super articulated with the new hip articulation would be a must.

    Barada - I'm sure not many fans would be overly thrilled with the idea of an all new super articulated Barada, but I know I would.

    EV-9D9 and 8D8 - after seeing the new 2-1B, I think Hasbro could really do something cool with these guys.
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    I'd love some new additions of all these the POTF2 figures while cool in the day suck pretty bad by today's standards.

    Nien Numb- As long as he has a removeable cap thingie and a soft goods vest.

    Ackbar: After getting the Mon Cal. Warrior from the CW line...they good do wonders for this guy...

    Yak- Face...Not really needed, but i'd buy it if they made him...a great vintage figure...

    Rancor Keeper: LOL, this could be awesome but it won't happen, as this guy peg warmed forever!!!

    Bib Fortuna: Why have they not done him yet? Soft goods robes like the Kenner one....No stupid thick plastic...sick of those stupid bulky cloaks.

    Weequay: Another why figure? Cool looking alien so's very iconic, needs a great Sa update, with a SA armor piece (Joking).

    Also Oola, Prune Face, Wicket, The Ewok with Wicket from POFT2, The Max Rebo Band, Dash Rendar, and All the ROTJ Droids...would be cool as well.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinscia Fat'o View Post
    The Ewok with Wicket from POFT2,
    That was Logray and he, along with Wicket and Paploo, definitely need a modern upgrade.
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    Yep. Piett, Ackbar, Nien Nunb, gamorrean guard and Dr.Evazan would top my list of POTF2 figures needing resculpts.

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    Saga 2's Bib Fortuna is still nice looking but he's one of those stiff looking salt and pepper shaker figures.

    I've been thinking about something about Nien Nunb. His outfit is all red with a black vest right? well so far we've had those 30th anniversary Red outfit Naboo figures and some crappy Han Solo Endor Raid figures with a removeable jacket or even some of the Vintage Style Hans like Endor Han or whatever.

    Frankensteining a few Saga 2 figures here and there to make a Nien Nunb might be great but it would look terrible especially when the last part is the head of Nien Nunb.


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