Hi all,

I was never really interested int he animated style stuff, save some interest in the planned Ashoka (because they said no realistic plans for her) and Plo Koon (cause the lightsaber gauntlet is just too damn cool) However, i picked up the target exclusive Commander Fox when I saw him. I personally like his armor design alot, and while I normally leave exclusives like that packaged, hes been fairly common around here so I was debating opening him and standing him with the rest of my collection.

However, I find myself wondering how he'll look up with the rest of my troopers, and thus was wondering if any of you fine folks out there have got and opened some of the clone wars clones, and could maybe provide some comparison pictures of them along with the reguar lines Clones. If I like how they mesh, I might even go grab a Rex figure.

Thanks a bunch for your time and attention,