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    Anakin's Modified Jedi Starfighter

    For anyone interested the re-release of Anakin's Modified Jedi Starfighter is out on the shevles - picked one up today, been looking for it since it was originally released in the first Clone Wars line. i have been a fan of this ship since it's appearence in the Clone Wars cartoon and now i finally have one all my own. Whoo Hoo. it rang up at TRU for $24.99 but i don't care since ebay scalpers are charging anywhere from $60- $150+.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    [FONT=Courier New]Has anyone seen this on the West Coast yet?[/FONT]

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    [FONT=Courier New]Found it on Saturday! Awesome awesome toy.[/FONT]

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    I'm a little surprised to see what demand the old one was in. I found the box from mine over the weekend, and I got it on clearance for half price. That's not common for HTF items.
    That's my jacket!

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    [FONT=Courier New]I missed out on it the first time around.[/FONT]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ando View Post
    [FONT=Courier New]I missed out on it the first time around.[/FONT]
    Yeah, but normally vehicles that have to be clearanced out aren't so rare that they go for such a premium on the secondhand market.
    That's my jacket!


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