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    Oh, and MC, that story rules.

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    My daughter began recognizing all things "Dar Wars" before she was 2. She saw a small Leia (kids meal toy) lying on the ground, and brought it to me saying "Dar Wars". I am very proud .

    My wife and I enjoy the World Wrestling Federation's television programming. She likes the "soap opera" of it, and I appreciate the extreme punishment those people can take. I think it takes a great athlete to make those moves look good!
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    And I think it takes a good actor to make those moves look fake good.

    My neice is 2 years old and she already knows not to touch 'em and that I keep them in the package and don't play with them.
    I've trained her well.

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    I have noticed that the guys that go to the Star Wars stores are not children, im calculating their age from 20 to 40. (Just in "Star Wars stores").

    Its more common to see kids in the star wars section of a toy store, but there arent as many as hasbro or the owners of the stores would like.

    Lets hope that when EPII comes out, all the kids that saw TPM remember star wars and get more interested in it.
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    ugh, don't get me started on wrestling! I have a 2 year old who could care less about the movies at this point, but absolutely loves the toys. I have tried to get him to watch a couple of the movies with me, but he's not interested, so I'm not going to push it. If he starts liking it when he's older, cool, if not, I won't force it on him. But everytime I accidentally leave the door to my Collection/Computer room, he's in there, pushing the buttons on the Queen's Starship, and grabbing the figures off the lower shelves (I purposely put figures that I don't care if he damages at the bottom shelves, such as Venice Beach Luke, and extras). Of course, I encourage this behavior, giving him certain toys which make cool noises, and he's even starting to make the engine noises with his mouth as he plays with the starships and such. Oh, it is so much fun to have a little one to share Star Wars toys with!
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    Yeah! It's great to share these toys with kids! My girlfriend's boy and I also have many times taken a piece of paper and drawn and colored the characters together. (I rock at drawing the classic characters, but I fail misersbly at EP I characters, outside of Maul.) I just love sharing this story that was practically my religion as a child with the new generation. Anything to distract them from Pokemon and the like.

    Venice Beach Luke....heh-heh. That made me laugh.

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    My son is very much a minority among his friends as he is the only SW fan to be found. I got him started very early on the movies and the toys, and at 12, he's still going strong!

    As for the WWF crap: It's not allowed in the house! Sheer waste of time. (Ooh, my age is showing!).
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